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Corporate Workshops

January - Integrity Competency Building

The Power of Trust to Foster Well-being at Work

Learn how trust can be used to foster well-being at work and how leaders can cultivate trust at work

January 24 at 2:00 pm

Cultivating Trust at Work: Strategies for a Thriving Organizational Culture

Delves into building a trust-based culture in the workplace, linking trust with employee fulfillment and organizational success. It will offer practical strategies for leaders to foster an environment where trust and well-being are at the forefront.

The Secrets of Well-being and Purpose: A Journey into Self-Discovery

An exploration into the deeper aspects of well-being, tying it with the fundamental human quest for purpose. It implies a transformative experience, possibly with expert insights and personal stories.

February - Responsible Communication Competency Building

How Communication Impacts Well-being at Work

Explore how communication has changed in the last decade and how it impacts the well-being of employees at work.

February 15, 2024

How to Have a Difficult Conversation with Your Boss

How to Have a Difficult Conversation with Your Boss" is an empowering workshop designed to guide professionals through the nuances of initiating and navigating challenging discussions with their superiors.

Effective Feedback in Coaching: Nurturing Growth and Resilience

Learn the nuances of providing feedback that nurtures growth and builds
resilience. Enhance your ability to deliver constructive feedback, empowering clients to learn, grow, and overcome challenges.

March – Self-Mastery Competency Building

How Emotions Derail Well-being at Work

Emotions are very important indicators of employee well-being. Learn how emotions impact a leader's efforts and how to foster emotional wellness.

March 21, 2024

Boosting Professional Self-Esteem: Empower Your Team for Excellence

This session will focus on enhancing self-esteem in professional settings, showing how a strong sense of self-worth leads to higher job satisfaction and well-being. It will offer actionable insights for employees and managers to build a supportive and empowering work culture.

April - Engagement Competency Building

The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace: A Key to Employee Happiness and Productivity

Exploring the concept of emotional intelligence in the workplace, this webinar will discuss how emotionally smart environments can boost employee well-being and overall workplace harmony, leading to greater satisfaction and productivity.

April 4, 2024

How Employee Confidence Affects Well-being

Confidence is not overrated and can affect your employees' well-being and success. Learn how to boost confidence for your team.

April 17, 2024

May – Capacity Competency Building

How Decisions Impact Workplace Well-being 

Do all decisions impact workplace well-being? Explore decisions that are made and how they impact the workplace well-being

May 15, 2024

Decision-Making for Well-being: Creating a Positive Impact in Your Workplace

This topic will explore how decision-making processes can be aligned with the goal of enhancing workplace well-being. It will provide practical tools for making informed, empathetic decisions that positively affect employee happiness and job satisfaction.

May 24, 2024

June – Interdependence Competency building

Resilient Leadership Coach: A Journey into Effective Leadership Coaching

Learn the strategies of leadership coaching essential to leading others in organizations and communities. Learn the coaching approach to building relationships, trust, and
integrity and enable powerful conversations with and among those you lead.

June 4, 2023

Well-being and The Inclusion Dilemma

The Secret Well-being Dilemma of Inclusion and How to Move Past it at Work.

June 19, 2024

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Joyce Odidison, MA. MCC. CTDP.