Leading Well-Being: Cultivate a Thriving Workplace with Our Leadership Wellness Strategies/Competencies

Activate leaders relational intelligence to drive healthy people connection, build resilience, flow, and leader influence.

Maximize our leaders impact

Activate well-being intelligence competencies for leaders to build resilience, flow, and leadership presence.

Trusted By Top Companies

Leaders drive business success and their relational impact on teams affect performance.

Drive performance enhancement through leader relations.

Customers served! 1 %  of employees say leaders are more approachable.
Customers served! 1 %  of leaders report reduced stress and greater resilience.
Customers served! 1 %  report more ease coaching employees.
Customers served! 1 %  of leaders receive improved performance evaluation.

Over the past decades...

IWS Inc. have been fueling team performance and reducing voluntary attrition through the advancement of the relational well-being competencies for leaders.

How it Works

1. Contact us for a solution.

2. Complete the assessment.

3. Speak with a live specialist.

4. Co-create a competency plan.

5. Start building relational well-being competencies.

Collaborative Management Competence

Backed by social sciences, research and coaching strategies, the collaborative management competence builds rapport and willingness to cooperate.

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