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A complete suite of well-being solutions for any organization.

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. offers a comprehensive range of wellness solutions for organizations, families, and individuals to optimize well-being at work and life. As the leading provider of whole-person well-being services, IWS Inc. supports employers, health plans, and other entities with top-quality content and expertise, empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Over 27 years of serving over 1000 customers with over 2 million lives transformed.

Give your employees and members the support they need, anywhere they need it.

Programs for the whole person

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. empowers individuals with proactive education and support, helping them address life challenges before they escalate.

Our Wellness Improvement System (WIS®)Offers:

The 4-Step Wellness System will scale with your organization.

Step 1.

A Wellness Assessment- Give your clients free access to measure their well-being risks.

Step 2.

Well-being Competency Alignment – Create a competency-based development planto address your clients’ well-being risks.

Step 3.

Well-being KPIs Indicators – Provide well-being indicators to measure your clients’ well-being ROI.

Step 4.

Well-being Curriculum Teachings–Recommend the competency-based learning solutions to mitigate your clients’ well-being risks. This includes weekly well-being competency teachings and Reset Sessions.

Access Programs via the following mediums:

Virtual, live, and on-demand sessions: Wellness E-coaching, learning circles, wellness conversations, lunch Learns, Well-being Reset seminars, live workshops, keynotes, and webinars.

Designed for all ages and abilities.

Enhance the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, and financial well-being with your clients with our comprehensive well-being programs.

Join Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. to access a wide range of personal and workplace resources designed for everyone, promoting a healthier and more balanced work and life

Spiritual Wellness

A range of spiritual wellness resources to develop purpose, hope, vision, balance, values, ethics, and self-esteem.

Social & Emotional Wellness

A range of social skills development, networking, and communication solutions to foster community and belonging.

Intellectual and Physical Wellness

Digital and cognitive behaviour modification support for those wanting to make nutrition and weight management changes.

Workplace and Interpersonal Wellness

Comprehensive workplace wellness solutions, classes, webinars, workshops, and on-demand course to promote engagement and inclusivity.

Unveiling Next-Level Collaboration to Drive Change, Harmony, and Well-being in the Digital Age

All size organizations – big and small use our wellness improvement system suite wellness resources and well-being curriculum to improve the lives and workplace of their members and employees.

Solutions for all size organizations

Employers & HR

Drive employee engagement with powerful wellness conversations and well-being reset to create a high-performance hub of well-being at work.

Health Plans

Get access to a ready supply of competency-based micro learning events, interpersonal skills, life skills, emotional wellness, expert led brain development content for all size industries.

Gyms & Health Facilities

Attract and retain members with a comprehensive wellness system tailored to their needs.

Brokers & Consultants

Gain access to a range of high value competency-based well-being content and resources for your clients.

Partners & Affiliates

Boost clients' success with the world's first competency-based Wellness Improvement System designed to nurture whole-person wellness. Foster resilience, enhance mental health and promote emotional wellness for individuals and groups.

As a valued partner, you can provide your clients with exclusive access to the most extensive collection of curated competency-based content to promote well-being intelligence and take advantage of our partner discount rates.

Join the IWS Inc. partner program and empower your clients to achieve unparalleled personal and professional growth.

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Customers served! 1 +  Customers

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Customers served! 1 +  Customers


Customers served! 1 +  Experts

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"THANKS JOYCE, the leadership coaching session that my management team attended was very valuable. It allowed us to explore some issues we had not discussed before and gave us some great insights on where we should go from here."

Glen Buhler 


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Here’s What Your Fellow Attendees Have Asked Before Clicking Sign up.

1. What types of well-being programs does IWS Inc. offer?

IWS Inc. offers comprehensive whole person wellness system program that enhances physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, environmental occupational, and financial well-being.

2. What is the Wellness Improvement System® (WIS)?

This wellness improvement system is a 4-Stepprocess that includes assessing well-being risks, aligning well-being competencies, designing well-being KPIs, and delivering targeted well-being learning solutions to mitigate well-being risks and foster holistic personal development and preserve mental health.

3. Who can benefit from IWS Inc.'s services?

Our services cater to workplaces of all sizes, individuals of all ages and abilities, as well as employers, health plans, and other organizations seeking to improve overall well-being.

4. What is the well-being intelligence curriculum?

The well-being intelligence curriculum is part of the wellness improvement system that provides a range of proactive learning optionsto enhance and improve overall well-being.

5. What types of programs are available through IWS Inc.?

We offer virtual, live, and on-demand wellness improvement sessions, well-being mindset, wellness competency teaching, breath work, visualization classes, workshops, events, keynotes, summits, wellness conversations suitable for all ages and abilities.

6. What benefits do partners receive from the IWS Inc. partner program?

Partners can provide their clients with the world’s most comprehensive wellness programs at 15% discount to access our extensive collection of curated employee wellness and well-being content.

7. How does IWS Inc. help individuals address life challenges?

Through proactive education and support, IWS Inc. empowers individuals to take action before a life challenge or issue becomes critical, affecting their mental and physical health.

8. What resources are available for personal and workplace wellness?

IWS Inc. offers a full spectrum of personal and workplace wellness resources, ensuring a healthier and more balanced work and life experience.

9. How can I join the IWS Inc. program?

To join and gain access to our comprehensive wellness improvement programs and resources, contact Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. for more information on membership and partnership opportunities for coaches, HR, employers, consultants, health plans, and others.