IWS Life Coach Training Institute

Tired of Being Overlooked at Work? 

Burnt out and Disillusioned with Your Career?



Turn Your Knowledge and Experience into Your Wealth and into a New Exciting Journey as a Coach.

We train, certify and help you establish a coaching business for success.

You Will Get Training and Business Support

Tired of scouring the internet in search of a program with great content, flexible classes, and coaching business building support? We train, certify and launch coaches. Let us help you learn and build a thriving business. We have more than 20 years’ experience in training and education and have been offering Coach Training certification since 2007. We have the only ICF approved life coach training program based in Winnipeg Manitoba, serving the world.


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Upcoming Certification Courses

The training program consists of five main modules that allow you to learn at your own pace. Take one module, part of a module or several courses to meet your needs. All classes are supplemented with a robust e-learning curriculum for enhanced learning.

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Our Certification Programs & Classes

We offer three certification streams in our comprehensive International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), with foundational learning in Leadership, Workplace, Business, Wellness, and Life Coaching.

  • Option 1: Wellness Improvement System Coach Accelerated (WISCA)
  • Option 2: Wellness Improvement System Coach Accelerated (Leadership Stream)
  • Option 3: Wellness Improvement System Certified Coach (WISC)

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Our Classes

Do you prefer small intimate classes that offer safety and comfort? You are at the right place! Our classes are small and intimate and our students learn at their own pace, in an environment that is caring, respectful, yet challenges you to grow to become the best professional coach you can become.

We Are a Certified Canadian Institution!

Need Funding to Afford Training? IWS is a Certified Educational Institution 7009/13459 and our training is eligible for Canadian Job Grants. Apply with your provincial offices.

Our Program Structure

Our coach training consists of individual courses offered as a combination of e-learning, online and face-to-face seminars. Our graduates specialize in wellness, business, leadership, or other areas of human development. You will:

  • Learn the art and science of coaching
  • Discover how to use your strength and style for results coaching
  • Gain world-class credentials and credibility
  • Get coach business knowledge and tools

We offer coaching courses for Personal Growth. Certification. Wellness Improvement. Continuing Education.

Diverse Training Environment

We train and certify mid-career professionals from a range of backgrounds and professions to become excellent coaches. Our program supports diversity in culture, perspectives, and learning styles.

Being a Coach

Being a coach is a rewarding and demanding profession. You will need to bring a depth of understanding for people to the profession, demonstrated through compassion, curiosity, and intuition, necessary to be a great coach.

Career Opportunities for Coaches

The coaching profession is a multi-disciplinary field that bridges careers in many industries. Our graduates have specialized in the following areas:

  • Workplace Wellness and Recovery
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills Improvement
  • Professional Development and Life Coaching

Wellness Facilitator Certification

The specialized wellness facilitator training exposes you to the most comprehensive wellness assessment instrument on the market today, while providing the training and practice to facilitate wellness conversations. The training provides you with the framework and tools for deeper integration, to build resilience in clients by fostering mindfulness, self-awareness and profound transformation. Learn more