Your Path to a Fulfilling 

and Impactful Coaching Career

Gain the confidence and skills to coach through any situation your client presents using the wellness competency well-being intelligence method.

The Right Coach Training Makes all the Difference.

Learn to coach the well-being intelligence framework!

As a coach, you will learn to impact your clients' wellness mindset by understanding the innovative holistic Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) framework.

You will learn to support clients in pursuit of the wellness competencies they need to build well-being intelligence.

Well-being intelligence is essential for the development of the new habits and practices that sustain health and wellness for work and life.

Learn Applicable Coaching Skills

  • Learn to deliver high-impact wellness competency coaching using proven models and processes for well-being intelligence
  • Diversify your coaching skill set and gain the knowledge and tools to excel as a coach with the highly specialized coaching modules
  • Learn the skills you need with custom learning modules or individual lessons to meet your needs
  • Benefit from more than 26 years of experience training coaches in person and online

The right training builds your expertise and self-confidence

Get equipped with in-demand coaching skills so you can confidently coach clients through the complex issues of work and life.

Coaching is the vehicle that will drive the future of work. It has also become essential to live a highly successful life.

Learn to build well-being intelligence through the wellness competency coaching program.

Steps to Becoming a Great Coach

step 1

Get High Quality Coach Training

Learn a variety of coaching applications.

Search out a high touch training program built on the philosophy of active hands-on learning. We offer maximum one-on-one instructor time with small classes and a range coaching of applications.

step 2

Get Great Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching helps you expand your coaching toolbox. 

Mentor coaching and supervision should be built into the training program. We offer supervision and mentoring in each instructor learner interaction, throughout the training program, at no additional cost.

step 3

Practice the Art of Coaching

The more you practice coaching, the better coach you become. 

Get supervised practicum that lets you practice the competencies you have learned. Take the time given to practice your coaching skills, you will never regret it. Our program offers a supervised practicum with regular feedback.

step 4

Support Your Clients Wellness

Everyone you coach will need to improve some aspect of their wellness.

Clients are facing myriads of challenges and coaching can help functional clients to implement strategies to stay well. Our program prepares you to provide transformational results in the mental, physical, social, and emotional wellness areas to support your clients' needs.

Learn how to apply strategies and techniques to the most in-demand areas of wellness coaching.

Today, our health and wellness are more vulnerable. The environmental toxins, our food, and daily stress all play a role in diminishing our mental and physical health. The WIS® Method provides a unique, whole-person approach for client coaching that accelerates their success with a structure and wellness techniques applicable to all areas of their lives.

A Coaching Philosophy Based on The World's Most Comprehensive Life Wellness Model


Develop the skills to coach your clients with any situation they present

Develop the skills and ability to be an exceptional coach who can help clients build resilience.

Certification Opportunities

Summer Intensive Coach Training Sale


Fast track your coach training certification at the summer intensive coach training cohort from May to June 2023, and get a 30% discount off your certification.

Wellness Competency Mindset Coach Training Program


Learn to apply a robust wellness model to your coaching to help clients build resilience, improve their mental health, to live a fuller life.

Relational Leadership Coach Training Program


Learn the Relational Leadership coaching approach and have a more powerful impact in your leadership role with clients and subordinates. Gain the skills to coach and develop your team for excellence.

Learn how to apply strategies and techniques to the most in-demand areas of wellness coaching today!

  • Diversity and Well-Being
  • Relational Leadership Framework
  • Wellness Competency Teaching
  • Coaching Communication at Work

Learn to apply coaching solutions for well-being

Everyone you meet is under tremendous stress from life and work. This added stress has resulted in increased cases of cancer, mental and emotional health disorders, violence, and suicide at work and in our communities. There has never been a more important time to have a coach in your corner.

An inclusive wellness coaching approach

An inclusive wellness approach promotes mindset shift, competency development, and transformation. It goes beyond the surface to help clients develop a foundation of well-being for the new life structures they create, so they can enjoy the rewards of personal and professional success.

Get everything you need to excel as a coach and start your coaching career.

  • Learn coaching philosophy and skills
  • Develop core coaching skills
  • Gain coach training and certification
  • Build your coaching practice

Funding Your Learning

Wondering how to finance your trainings with us? We are a certified Canadian learning institution so learners in our programs qualify for both Retrain Manitoba and the Canada Manitoba Job Grant. Apply directly with any of those funding bodies to offset the cost of your training with us.


Karen Kanigan

"My coach training experience at IWS was exceptional and beyond expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and practice with the team at IWS."

Karen's experience working with Joyce as a Mentor Coach:

"It's an honour to learn from someone so experienced and intuitive as Joyce. The depth of learning is exceptional."

What is Karen doing now? "I manage a wonderful Educational Travel Program with alumni UBC for 20 years and will be continuing to work on my coaching practice supporting wellness competency mindset."

Where to reach Karen? 

Dan Wischnewski

"I had an incredible experience with my coach training! I would highly recommend this training to anyone that wants to excel as a coach. The training and learning with IWS checked all my boxes. It was interesting, informative, engaging and supported every step of the way."

"The program is solid. It has completely prepared me for accreditation, I feel excited and confident for the next leg of the journey."

Dan's experience working with Joyce as a Mentor Coach:

"Joyce is an absolute professional who genuinely cares for her students, she has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goals."

What is Dan doing now? "I am in the process of launching my business.."

Where to reach Dan?