Corporate Workplace Wellness Training

Identify and mitigate risks to your employees' well-being to build resilience.

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ provides targeted training to reduce risks associated with low employee well-being to build a culture of health and high performance.

Identify and mitigate risks to your employees' well-being to build resilience.

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ provides targeted training to reduce risks associated with low employee well-being to build a culture of health and high performance.

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We help you understand your organization's well-being risks and apply targeted employee skills training to save time and reduce costs. 

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., where we specialize in pioneering Employee Well-Being Skills Training tailored to address your organization's specific KPIs and well-being risk factors.

Our unique Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ is the first of its kind, meticulously designed to identify and actively mitigate the well-being risks threatening your organization's health and productivity.

We Help you Choose The Right Training for Better Results.

Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™

At the heart of every thriving organization lies the well-being of its people.

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. leads the way with the world's first comprehensive Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™, designed to elevate workplace wellness and enrich overall population health.

Our whole systems approach isn't just about mitigating risks; it's about unlocking potential, enhancing performance, and cultivating a culture of wellness that permeates every aspect of your organization.

Experience the Power of Targeted Competency Training

Why Settle for Generic When You Can Have Tailored?

With our holistic WIS® Assessment, we dive deep into your organization's unique ecosystem to identify well-being risks and craft a targeted competency training plan. Our curriculum doesn't just address risks; it transforms them into opportunities for growth, engagement, and sustained performance.

Our holistic approach begins with the WIS® Assessment, pinpointing the precise well-being risks within your organization. 

Well-being Intelligence Competencies

Improve Your ROI Quantifiable Result. 

We craft a customized competency training strategy aimed at:

Well-being intelligence competency

Improve Your ROI Quantifiable Result

reduction in workplace accidents
Customers served! 1 %  reduction in workplace accidents
improvement in work performance quality of work
Customers served! 1 %  improvement in work performance quality of work
reduction in Absenteeism
Customers served! 1 %  reduction in Absenteeism
less voluntary attrition
Customers served! 1 %  less voluntary attrition

Transforming Workplaces through Well-being Competency Training and Development

Our well-being curriculum goes beyond traditional training, focusing on developing essential interpersonal skills crucial for a harmonious and productive work environment. These competencies are not just skills; they are the stepping stones to creating a culture of well-being that permeates every level of your organization. 

How the Wellbeing Training Curriculum Works:

The Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™

Empowering Leaders to Foster a Culture of Well-being at Work

Empower your leaders, foster a culture of well-being, and ensure your workplace isn't just a place of work but a sanctuary of wellness and productivity.

Our curriculum is designed to empower, engage, and enlighten, offering:

Features include:

  • Visual Roadmap for Easy Implementation: An intuitive, well-being intelligence visual roadmap simplifies execution.
  • Activity and KPI Alignment Framework: A structured approach to align various well-being activities with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Comprehensive Curriculum of Well-being Competencies: In-depth teachings on well-being competencies cover various aspects of employee wellness.
  • Inclusive Wellness Assessments: A thorough wellness assessment to understand and address the specific well-being risks
  • Micro-Learning Digital Courses: Targeted digital courses that facilitate the development of a well-being-centric organizational culture and optimize your workplace wellness training.
  • Training Resources and Consultation: A range of workplace training materials and resources to support the adoption and implementation of the wellness or wellness training initiative.

Why Choose Us? 

The Interpersonal Wellness Advantage

Because we offer more than a curriculum, a revolution in workplace wellness.

  • Pioneering Curriculum: The first of its kind, holistic, and comprehensive.
  • Practical Competencies: Actionable skills that foster real change.
  • Measurable Outcomes: Unique well-being KPIs for tracking success.
  • Leader Empowerment: Transform leaders into champions of well-being.
  • Whole System Approach: A comprehensive strategy touching every aspect of your organization.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Boost engagement and productivity with focused strategies.

Get access to a range of well-being competency learning formats to meet various wellness learning needs.

Key Benefits of The

Well-being Curriculum


Revolutionize Your Wellness Program

Revolutionize Your Wellness Program

Transition from basic wellness activities to enterprise-wide well-being applications.

The Most Compelling Inclusive Wellness Strategy

The Most Compelling Inclusive Wellness Strategy

Moving from singular wellness activities to holistic well-being applications.

Enterprise-wide Application

Enterprise-wide Application

Can be applied across the organization for maximum impact.

Benefits of The Wellbeing Curriculum
Accessible to All

Accessible to All

Not limited to enrollments - Everyone benefits!

Integrate with Existing Training

Integrate with Existing Training

Easily weave well-being into your current training modules.

Powerful Response to Health Crises

Powerful Response to Health Crises

A robust strategy to combat burnout and mental health challenges.

Whole Person Approach

Whole Person Approach

Looks at employees holistically, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive well-being strategy.

Join the Workplace Well-being Movement

Join the Movement Towards Comprehensive Workplace Wellness

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. invites you to redefine the landscape of workplace wellness. Tailored to address your organization's unique well-being risks and opportunities, our curriculum is more than a program; it’s a pathway to a thriving, resilient workforce.

Ready to Address KPIs and Well-Being Risk Factors Head-On? Begin your journey with our Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™. Transform your workplace into an environment where well-being drives performance and every employee is empowered to excel.

Get Easy Access to the Wellness Competency Curriculum

How we deploy the Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™

Getting started is fast and easy. Just follow these steps.

Complete the corporate WIS® Assessment.

Book a free well-being Intelligence curriculum consult with a faculty member.

Identify the KPIs you want to develop and we will recommend the competency implementation plan.

How we deploy the

Well-being Intelligence

Competency Curriculum™

Customers served! 1

Getting started is fast and easy. Just follow these steps.

Customers served! 1

Complete the corporate well-being intelligence assessment.

Customers served! 1

Connect with a well-being intelligence curriculum training specialist or coach.

Customers served! 1

Schedule and join group coaching sessions, workshops, webinars or take e-courses that align with the competencies you want to develop.

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