Become a Workplace Well-being Partner

Become a Workplace Well-being Partner

Our partners prioritize well-being competency based curriculum training for their workplaces to boost workplace wellness, health and performance at an enviable rate.

Partners Program

Celebrating Collaboration and Mutual Growth

Join the well-being movement to reduce stress and preserve the mental health of all employees.

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. (IWS) deeply value the relationships we've built with our diverse partners. These collaborations are the cornerstone of our success and impact.

We are excited to welcome new partners who are committed to enhancing well-being and psychological safety at work, to preserve and maintain good physical and mental health for their employees and leaders.

Our partners gain access to the well-being curriculum competency trainings to fuel health and performance.

They automatically receive 25% discount off all courses, workships, and hybrid trainings and coaching services.

Our Partners and Allies Include:

  • Beneficiary Organizations: We extend financial support to impactful causes and initiatives.
  • Educational Allies: We provide both complimentary and discounted training to empower organizations.
  • Collaborative Groups: We join forces to co-create and deliver impactful training programs.
  • Community Contributors: Through volunteer efforts and board participation, we actively engage in community service.
  • Professional Development Advocates: We offer Continuing Education Credits (CEC) to foster professional growth.

Why be a Partner?

In the face of an increasing mental health crisis, we support our partners with services, resources, volunteer support, and high value content at prices they would not normally receive anywhere else.

Partner Benefits:

  • Resource Access: Receive complimentary resources and significant discounts on our training and coaching services.
  • Event Participation: Engage as a speaker, partner, or guest at our annual Workplace Wellness Summit, with discounted passes for your team.
  • Training Discounts: Enjoy 15% to 50% off on select training programs, alongside valuable free resources

Partnership Supports Employees and Families

Partnership with us ensures your employees and their families access timely, high-quality support services at reduced rates, fostering well-being and resilience.

How Partnership Works

Upon joining, you'll receive a partnership number, unlocking exclusive discounts on our well-being training, coaching, and support services, according to our partnership terms.

Join Us: Transform Your Organization's Approach to Well-Being 

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