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After more than two decades on interpersonal wellness training research serving corporate clients, we are more passionate than ever about transforming organizations it high-performance hubs of learning and well-being. 

In a rapidly changing industry, we drive predictable results with time-tested methods. Backed by thousands of happy employees, our unique approach has come as a result of being the pioneer of interpersonal wellness.

Unlike other programs that focus solely on one or two dimensions of wellness, we focus on the the whole person system model. The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum is powered by the multi-dimensional Wellness Improvment System to ensure you offer inclusive, current and diverse content. We’ve spent years (and millions of hours creating this curriculum) speaking directly with employees to understand what works and what doesn’t engage. We ,  never get tired of listing to employees and collaborating with our clients to optimize health and performance.

The innovative 4 Step Well-being curriculum process to optimize workplace health and performance.

The Well-being Intelligencecurriculum is a four-part system that includes an assessment, curriculum, competency, andwell-being KPI systemdesigned to identify and mitigate well-being risksthat unlock the untapped potential of yourworkforce and propelyour organization to new heights of success and innovation.

Step 1 – The Wellness Assessment - Identify your well-being risks

Employ the Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) Assessment instrument to identify well-being risks through the lens of using nine-dimensions, 12 competencies and 27 psychosocial spheres to learn what may be limiting the potential of your employees and workforce.

The quickest way to learn what is in the path of employees health, happiness and success at work.

  • The assessnent also helps us identify which competency and well-being curriculum program best suits your employees's needs.

Step 2 – Well-being Competency Alignment

We will help you align well-being competencies to mitigate your well-being risks.

  • Tailored using 12 twelve macro well-being competencies and 200 competency accelerators to customize offerings that transform well-being risk factors into opportunities for growth and excellence. 
  • Get Measurable Impact: Dramatically reduce workplace accidents, absenteeism, and voluntary attrition while improving performance quality and engagement.

The quickest way to go well-being risks to a customized well-being competency alignment plan that meets the core needs of your employees.

Step 3 - Well-being KPIs 

Well-being KPIs provides measurable standards to track and assess your workforce's health, happiness, fulfillment, resilience, against well-being risks.

  • We will provide detailed insight into how your well-being initiatives impact employee performance, engagement, and overall organizational success.
  • We will recommend recommendations which programs align with your corporate KPIs so you can invest wisely. 

Step 4 – Well-being Reset Sessions Weekly Competency Teaching

Get access to dynamice well-being competency teaching that aligns with a focused well-being competency each month.

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ training is a dynamic strategic approach that maps training based on the identified well-being risks identified in the wellness assessment and the competency alignment process to specific training solutions that unlock the untapped potential within your workforce, propelling your organization to new heights of success and innovation.

  • Access core interpersonal wellness skills training for collaboration, resilience, and mental health, mindset, flow, breath, that encompasses the nine dimensions of wellness to accelerate participation in new and existing workplace wellness programs by more than 80%.
  • Get Monthly Content Updates
  • Fresh, high-value content to continually enhance employee well-being and engagement in twelve months or less.

The quickest way to go well-being risks to a customized well-being competency alignment plan that meets the core needs of your employees.

We have been assessing employees since 2014

Over the last 10 years, clients employees have maximized their results and accelerated their growth by 99%

Statistics of reduction in workplace accidents.
Customers served! 1 %  reduction in workplace accidents.
Statistics of improvement in work
Customers served! 1 %  improvement in work performance and quality of work.
Statistics of improvement in work
Customers served! 1 %  reduction in Absenteeism.
Statistics of Increased participation
Customers served! 1 % Increased participation in workplace wellness program offerings.

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