Good Interpersonal Skills Breeds Wellness

Good Interpersonal Skills Breeds Wellness

Interpersonal Skills and Wellness: Have you ever wondered about the relationship between the two?

According to research in positive psychology, our level of happiness depends more on the quality of the relationship than in anything else, including how much money they have, their status, job or fame. Do you know what it is to be interpersonally unwell or to lack interpersonal skills? It is when someone lacks the ability to get along well with others. It is to have poor interpersonal skills and affects others negatively. Interpersonal Skills - Interpersonal Wellness - Blog - CanadaIt is when one’s interaction with others leave them feeling unhappy, distressed, and causes anxiety and undue stress. On the converse, people with good interpersonal skills are those who think about the actions, behavior and the consequence of others.

Their interaction with others are pleasant, they empower and support others and they provide room for others to be who they are meant to be. They are those who try to get along well with others in spite of the circumstances. To have good interpersonal skills at work is to respect others, maintain good social boundaries and show kindness and be courteous to others.

To be interpersonally well is to cultivate good social and interpersonal skills, so one can maintain great relationships.We should all work at improving our interpersonal skills, so we can have healthy relationships to maintain harmony and well-being.

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