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Changing economic times, incidences of violence, accidents, and natural disasters can have a negative impact on employees’ mood, mental health, emotions, outlook, and performance. These very popular topic is becoming more highly requested.

Five Steps to Create a Collaborative Dialogue

Collaboration is key to getting your team to work efficiently. This session explores how to create collaborative dialogues and teaches the five elements of a collaborative dialogue. 

Building a Professional Reputation at Work

As the workplace changes back to from remote to in person, we need to have a conversation about what is professional and the value of a professional relationship. This workshop will examine the professional relationship and the steps to developing and maintaining a professional relationship at work. 

Identify Micro-inequities, Power and Discrimination

We are not always aware of how micro-inequities and power can affect our team dynamics. This workshop shares how to identify the dynamics of power, micro-inequities and discrimination at work and to how to stop them with micro-affirmations.

How to Renegotiate Working Relationship

Relationships are work are not always easy. Sometimes they go off rail and we need to renegotiate those relationships so we can return to working and doing business.

Five Health and Wellness Benefits of Optimism

Did you know that there are many health and wellness benefits to optimism? Bring this upbeat and optimistic workshop or webinar to your workplace and help improve optimism at work.

Critical Conversations About Beliefs and how They Affect Work

Our beliefs about ourselves, our work and our world all collide into who we are and how we approach our professions and our ability to make a positive impact. They also impact how we respond to and appreciate diversity. This session will help your employees or team examine their beliefs how they can change of shifts limiting beliefs.

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We offer weekly or monthly psychological safety wellness programs for employees & conflict management webinars virtually to help your employees develop their well-being.

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