WIS® Assessor Certification

Learn to facilitate the WIS® Assessment with individuals to identify and mitigate their well-being risks and expand your ability to help more people thrive.

WIS® Assessor Certification

Learn to Facilitate WIS® Assessment with individuals to identify and mitigate their well-being risks and expand your ability to help more people thrive.

The Wellness Improvement System (WIS®) Assessor Training

The WIS® Assessment is a holistic wellness assessment that explores the risks to the user’s well-being. It provides comprehensive feedback on how well the user is doing and how they can improve by aligning to one of the core well-being competencies.

WIS® is the most comprehensive wellness assessment and the only one that recognizes and assesses the interpersonal dimension as a vital part of human well-being.

Why should you be Certified?

Becoming WIS® Assessor Certified positions you to lead with the world’s most comprehensive wellness assessment. You'll guide clients and organizations in understanding their well-being, identifying risk factors, and carving out a successful path to wellness. 

In today’s fast-paced world, the journey to well-being is obscured by the busyness of life, making it easy to overlook how our multifaceted lives interconnect and impact our wellness.

This often leads to reduced capacity to thrive, increased risk factors, and even burnout, affecting our abilities in self-mastery, resilience, and collaboration.

The WIS® Assessment stands alone in its ability to explore over nine dimensions of wellness and twelve competencies, providing a unique well-being intelligence system that highlights personal and organizational risks and paths to improvement.

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By taking the well-being assessment, you will become...

Customers served! 1 %   more aware of what makes up well-being.
Customers served! 1 %  more intelligent about how to improve wellness.
Customers served! 1 %  more knowledgeable about what actions to change.
Customers served! 1 %  feel more in control about improving well-being.

Program Description

The WIS® Assessment offers comprehensive insights and detailed analysis regarding the factors that influence your well-being across nine distinct dimensions. It aligns these factors with core well-being competencies, providing a holistic view of your personal wellness journey.

WIS® stands as a true mirror reflecting the complex nature of human existence, offering an advanced well-being intelligence system designed to guide and adjust our journey toward optimal wellness.

In a world where the narratives of success often overlook the implications for personal well-being, WIS® brings to light the potential risks to human wellness. It not only enhances awareness of these risks but also delineates a clear and actionable path for rectifying them, paving the way for true success.

Dimensions and Competencies of Wellbeing - WIS

WIS® Concept

WIS® is more than a program. It is a concept that has been developed into a movement to maximize well-being at a time when unhappiness, loneliness, disengagement, helplessness, and mental health illnesses are on the rise.

Once you become a WIS® Certified Professional, you can take this knowledge to your clients and all those you engage with to provide:

  • Deep insight to guide them on their path to well-being.
  • WIS® Assessment, an online, holistic assessment of 180 questions that allows individuals, groups, and organizations to examine their path to well-being.
  • An 18-page individualized feedback report mapping their performance in the nine dimensions, twelve competencies of well-being, and the 27 psychosocial categories.
  • A structured client report debrief process for organizations and individuals.
  • A 150-page Wellness Coaching toolkit book offering action steps, exercises, tools and practices to support holistic wellness improvement on the path to well-being.
  • A 30-page WIS® Interpretation Manual.
  • WIS® is the only holistic wellness tool that includes the Interpersonal dimension, providing key insight into how one’s interpersonal interactions impact our wellness.

The Program Training Process

When you register for the WIS® Assessor Certification Program, you will take the following steps:

Step 1

Complete the WIS® Assessment and receive your comprehensive 18-page report of your personal wellness assessment results.

Step 2

Choose a date for a confidential 60-minute feedback report and wellness conversation session with an instructor of the WIS® Assessment.

Step 3

Complete the complete your personal WIS® Wellness improvement plan

Step 4

Get enrolled in the secure learning portal to prepare for your virtual live training workshops with a cohort of peers. The WIS® Assessor training is seven weeks of blended learning.

The first five weeks are virtual live instructor-led training, and the last two weeks are independent, and group work to apply your learning. The training will explore the theory and background research that supports WIS® with practical feedback and hands-on knowledge about administering WIS® with clients. Each week, you will complete one module, giving you ample time to understand and apply the information.

Step 5

Becoming Certified once you have successfully completed all the training modules and the skills, knowledge, and application of WIS® Assessment and gain access to full membership in the WIS® Certified club of professionals who support each other’s learning and practice.

Program Price

The WIS® Assessment Certification program price is $1800 USD. This price includes all your training materials and access to the learning portals. 

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • March 6th to April 19, 2024
  • October 2 – November 13, 2024

Certification will give you access to the following benefits: 

  • One free WIS® Assessment to be used with a client of your choice
  • The WIS® Assessor guidebook outlining tips and tools for success
  • A full-page feature article in the next Faces of Workplace Wellness Magazine
  • A customized WIS® Assessment brochure to share with future clients
  • A WIS® Assessor Certified logo for your marketing and distinction
  • A secure web portal to purchase and administer the WIS® Assessment with clients
  • Receive discounts, special offers, articles, books, research, webinars and other WIS® certificates and training.
Benefits of Certification