Transforming Workplaces and Lives Through the Power of Wellness Competencies! 

The Wellness Competency Curriculum provides strategies and training for leaders, employees, and community groups to optimize mental health, emotional wellness, and well-being intelligence for high performance and professional excellence.

Develop Well-being Intelligence at Work!

Develop Well-being Intelligence at Work!

Improve efficiency, build resilience, reduce sick days, and foster mental health with the well-being intelligence plan packages.

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Learn the Wellness Competency Mindset Coaching Approach

Learn the Wellness Competency Mindset Coaching Approach

Learn to coach wellness competency framework to build well-being intelligence for work and life success.

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Become a Relational Leader

Become a Relational Leader

Learn the Relational Leader Model to promote psychological safety and boost your leadership skills and confidence.

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Start Your Own Well-being Intelligence Business

Start Your Own Well-being Intelligence Business

Learn about the franchising and licensing turnkey well-being business fully operational in 30 days or less

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Bring the Wellness Competency Curriculum to Your Clients

Bring the Wellness Competency Curriculum to Your Clients

Become a license wellness competency facilitator and deliver the wellness competency curriculum with employees and groups.

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Build Innovation and Change Through DEI

Build Innovation and Change Through DEI

Learn to transform DEI Challenges and upset with the interpersonal approach for change, innovation and well-being.

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The current mental health crisis calls for new a new approach, tools, resources, and intelligence to build emotional and mental resilience. We partner with our clients to transform their overall well-being intelligence and results.

What we do

We provide organizations with the Wellness Competency Curriculum framework to develop targeted areas of learning that builds wellness competencies for leaders and employees. We equip them with the tools, skills, knowledge, and coaching to lead and work in an atmosphere that promotes psychological safety, interpersonal wellness, mental health, and high performance.

Our high-value wellness competency curriculum is designed to enhance professionalism, boost well-being, trust, integrity, and cultivate a positive attitude among your team. We offer a twelve month curriculum (and shorter spurts of training) to develop targeted competencies through live and virtual workshops, e-learning, blended learning, and personalized coaching.

For 26 years, we have helped organizations develop  interpersonal wellness skills and competencies to address complex changes, improve psychological safety, foster DEI relations, and build a culture of wellness at work.

Get access to the tools and resources your employees need to build resilience in the most complex and fast changing world of work.

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Our Programs

Align DEI and Well-being

Are you ready for a more dynamic workplace culture?

Create an environment where every employee feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed.  Get support to align diversity as a well-being strategy in your organization. Build a smarter, more inclusive wellness workplace culture.

Don't settle for a workplace culture that doesn't reflect your values or support your team's growth.

Apply this powerful strategy to your existing programs and initiatives.

Relational Leadership Coaching

The Relational Leadership (RL) program is a twelve month development program for leaders. Ideal for emerging and seasoned leaders in organizations and community, this program provides a relational framework that builds leadership intelligence in trust, integrity, positive relations, diversity, psychological safety, and coaching.

  • Promote Mental Health and Emotional Resilience
    Learn to build a cohesive culture that promotes psychological safety at work.
  • Create Powerful Dialogues for Change
    Improve your leadership communication and interpersonal skills to successfully lead in the hybrid and remote culture.
  • Create a powerfully diverse and inclusive Team
    Develop the skills and awareness of an inclusive leader to excel in the new world of work.
  • Learn to Coach Your Team Powerfully
    Develop powerful coaching skills and get world class coaching to accelerate your leadership and coaching skills.

Wellness Competency Coach Training and Certification

Wellness Coaching Strategies

Learn powerful wellness coaching strategies to help facilitate your clients' ability to coach wellness.

DEI Coaching Strategies

Learn to effectively coach diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) issues to lend clarity and focus to foster an inclusive culture at work.

Life Coaching Strategies

Get the training, mentoring, curriculum and expert coaching support to become an excellent Life Coach. 

Leadership Coaching Strategies

Learn to apply leadership coaching strategies to enhance your coaching practice.

Wellness Competency Curriculum Training and Licensing

The wellness competency curriculum provides a framework to develop well-being intelligence in organizations. It provides a monthly training guide to develop the competencies that build well-being intelligence to accelerate health and performance in the workplace.  We provide training, licensing, coaching, and consulting on the Wellness Competency curriculum. 

Employee Training Made Easy

Professional Development Workshops and Webinars

Get training that employees will refer to their colleagues  

Review high-impact workshop and webinar topics for your team or workplace. Tailor an existing topic, or request custom training for your team, leaders, or employees.

Gain access to high level, globally recognized competency training that will engage your employees, spur mindset shifts, and change actions.

 Learn to build your well-being intelligence by developing powerful wellness competencies and skills, to build resilience and improve your mental health.

A Compilation of Workplace Wellness Tools and Resources

Join the upcoming Global Workplace Wellness Summit this year. Register your team, leaders, and employees to form powerful collaboration of wellness at work initiatives to address the burgeoning mental health crisis and mounting employee health issues facing the workforce.

Learn cutting edge research and tools from global speakers, sponsors, and partners to help drive employee health and high performance.

Tailored Training Solutions

Why Choose us?

We offer training and certifications in Coaching, Inclusive Wellness, DEI and Conflict Management.

You also receive Professional Development Credits (PDC's) by learning with us.

Whether you are a small business, large organization, team, or office, we can help you build a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace that responds to current wellness changes, and prepare for the future workforce.

Easy to Apply Learning

Create Inclusive Wellness at Work

Shift mindset, responses and attitudes to reduce
stress, and foster inclusive wellness at work.

Our Clients