Learn Why Your Organization and Employees May Not Be Doing As Well as You Would Like!


Get the Most Comprehensive Wellness Improvement Education and Mindset Coaching & Teaching Model for Well-being to get Insight on how Best to Improve.

Unleash The Powerful Wellness Improvement System® (WIS).  

A Road map to Build Resilient Teams. Improve Mental Wellness, Create a Culture of Wellness, and Leadership Skills to Promote  Emotional Well-being.

Who We Are

A leading workplace wellness education and wellness competency company. We teaching the nine-dimensional Wellness Improvement System® (WIS)  and wellness competencies to teams, organizations and mid-career professionals in transition, to accelerate their results. 

Over the last 23 years we have developed a reputation for excellence as workplace, coaches, consultants and trainers. We are the first International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved coach training institute in Manitoba.

Our Services Include:

WIS® Stress Release and Life Coaching Clinics

Stressed, overwhelmed and burned out or stuck? Book a private session or join our weekly group stress lease and life tune-up coaching sessions. Learn the hidden stresses that may be causing you tension and unease before they lead to ill health and diseases. Learn more

Workplace Wellness Education and Training

Want to increase employee participation in wellness programs? Get access to wellness education topics and sessions by practitioners around the globe. Join an upcoming Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

High value employee education has never been more accessible. Learn more

Coach Training and Certification

Want world class coach training in a powerful transformational model? We offer the Most Comprehensive Life Wellness Coach Training Program, Preparing you to Expertly Coach Leadership, Business Wellness, and Life Situations. Learn more


"The leadership coach training program was very beneficial in enabling me to hold forward moving conversations that resulted higher accountability with my team."

Dina Juras Regional Director

What Our Clients Say


Joyce has been a great support for our leaders using the relational leader and nine-dimensional wellness  process. The leaders report that they learned a lot

Petra Rapmund 

/Standard Aero Ltd.


Thank you for the leadership coaching bootcamp. I learned a lot and believe there is so much more to coaching

Collin Akree 
/Executive Director

Other Services

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration  Management Blueprint

Do you want to improve collaboration in your team fast? Get the collaborative management blue print to your can build synergy, reduce conflicts and increase how well your team members work with each other. Assess Your Conflicts 

Leadership Coaching,  Training and Development

Do you want to have better relations with your employees at work? Do you want to inspire good relations among those you lead? If you want to excel through great relationships, join the most effective leadership training program for relational leaders. 

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Training and Development, E-courses and Webinars

Want access to cutting edge training and development content and courses? Get access to competency-based workshops, webinars, keynotes and seminars for your employees, teams or entire organization? Join our happy customers and get access to these amazing topics. Learn more

Reduce anger and frustrations at work.

Learn to implement wellness competencies in your work and life.

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