Maintain Your Well-being and Mental Resilience!
Get Help to Deal With Stressful Situations. 

We help mid-career professionals and organizations successfully navigate the tough times, high stress, difficult changes and conflicts situations, to build resilience in 90 days or less, so you can get back to working, living and playing well again.

We provide coaching, training, consulting and certification.

What We Do

Wellness Improvement Assessment

Identify the key areas for your employee or team wellness development by completing the nine-dimensional wellness assessment

Workplace Wellness Competency Teaching and Consulting

We consult and teach workplace wellness competency-based  program alignment to core values and performance metrics to increase employee participation.

Global Wellness Summits

Access to scholarly and well-being experts in the field offering a range of employee well-being topics that are relevant and immediately applicable.

Personal and Lifestyle  Wellness Coaching

Professional, Interpersonal, Personal and life wellness coaching sessions guided by and nine-dimensional life wellness coaching action plan for fast result to change mindset, 

Leadership Coaching,  Training and Development

A powerful leadership transformation coaching model that stand alone or part of world class curriculum that prepare leaders to navigate complex workforce.

Wellness Coach & Facilitator Training and Certification

An internationally approved curriculum that trains and certify wellness facilitators and coaches in the holistic nine-dimensional wellness approach

Collaboration and Conflict Management

Helping leaders design conflict prevention and management strategies that create collaborative workplace cultures to reduce stress and improve well-being at work.

Wellness Education Plans

A collection of on demand high value wellness education presentations and teachings by wellness experts accessible to organizations through the cloud.

Relational Well-being Strategies

A range of courses, teachings, webinars, keynotes and workshops designed to help improve employee relations, interpersonal skills and reduce stress at work.

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Set a time to chat with one of our team members how we can support you through a difficult situation or to develop a resilient well-being strategy or culture to navigate an impending difficult change or situation.

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Leadership and Professional Development Programs

Get leading edge adaptable and expandable leadership development programs

Relational Leadership Academy

Prepare your leadership team to excel with the whole person relational leadership coaching and training model. Reduce "Boss Shaming and preserver your professional and corporate reputation.



Resilience Building and Wellness Improvement

Resilience building requires support and structure. Gain access to the leading edge dynamic wellness improvement resilience building program for your employees and leaders.


Collaborative Management Blueprint Certification

Want to increase synergy in your team? Learn the blue print for creating a more collaborative and dynamic team that fuels creativity and innovation.


Leadership Coaching Bootcamp

​​​​Coaching transformation for the busy leader who is challenged with habits and attitudes that limits career growth and affect your professional reputation


Create a Competency-Based Wellness Culture

Want a more dynamic and inclusive wellness program at work? Increase

 participation in wellness programs with the competency-based approach.

We train and certify professionals and leaders in the 9 dimensional Wellness Improvement System (WIS®). A multi-prong approach that accelerates wellness personal, group and organizational development. 


"The leadership coach training program was very beneficial in enabling me to hold forward moving conversations that resulted higher accountability with my team."

Dina Juras Regional Director

30 Day emotional wellness Program

Improve interpersonal relationships to build trust and reduce stress and conflicts among team members. Deal with angry outbursts and change negative attitudes into more pleasant exchanges. The 30 day emotional wellness challenge is both a cognitive and emotional wellness challenge for your entire team. A simple structure to change your workplace wellness culture in 30 days.

What Our Clients Say


Joyce has been a great support for our leaders using the relational leader and nine-dimensional wellness  process. The leaders report that they learned a lot

Petra Rapmund 

/Standard Aero Ltd.


Thank you for the leadership coaching bootcamp. I learned a lot and believe there is so much more to coaching

Collin Akree 
/Executive Director

Access Wellness Education Webinars, Memberships, and Packages 

Dynamic, high impact wellness education and programs from speakers around the globe.

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Reduce anger and frustrations at work.

get chapter one of Joyce's book: "Hurt, upset, angry frustrated"

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