Secretly Worried That More Diversity Inclusion Will Lead To More Conflicts At Work? Conflict is a catalyst for change. It
As a leader, you should be more mindful of heightened emotions, distress, anxiety, irritability and an escalation in interpersonal conflicts.
Did you know that how we feel will determine our outlook on life, our work performance, ability to get a
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Is integrity at work possible and attainable, if so, what’s the benefit of integrity at work to workplace health and
Are there changes in your office schedule or office hours? If not, you may be one of the very few
Have you ever failed at something? Did you stop and take some time to evaluate why you failed? I want
This morning I led a class of leaders in the foundations of leadership coaching course. It is a course I
Every day at work we use skills but seldom give thought to how we acquired them, how we are executing
Do you know that by building relational currency you can foster goodwill among your team and boost your social bank

“Creating a workplace wellness education program is the best way to change your employee mindset and improve transformation and growth for your team”.

Joyce Odidison

Workplace Wellness Expert and Educator