The Six-Step Visioning Process1. The Visualization ProcessDid you know that visualization is a powerful tool that will help you see
​Sarah is an Employer with a Small Budget but a Big Heart. ​She wants her employees to love coming to work.
It's Time To Remove The StigmaHave you ever been given health and wellness gifts for the Holidays? It’s surprising how
A New Expressway is Coming to Manitoba! The New –“Life Coaching Clinics” Provide Fast Stress Release to The Mounting Work
Looking for A Place to Get Help with Life Problems?Would you get help if there was a place where you
Key Reasons to Develop Your Self-esteem Self-esteem is one of those things we hesitate to talk about in public, but
Is it Time to Set New Boundaries in Your Relationship?So far this fall, we have had several bookings for the
The Mastery Life Coaching Clinics where you learn the skills to master your life.
Toxic People Sew Seeds of Dis-ease, Unhappiness and Discord, Despite Efforts to Live or Work Alongside Them Harmoniously.These people were
I felt horrible and wondered if there was something, I could have done to prevent it. For years I was

“Creating a workplace wellness education program is the best way to change your employee mindset and improve transformation and growth for your team”.

Joyce Odidison

Workplace Wellness Expert and Educator