Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we receive to help you have a better experience interacting with us.

What does Interpersonal Wellness mean?

Interpersonal wellness is harmonious interpersonal dynamics that leads to improved emotional, social, and spiritual contentment and relational well-being, that builds resilience and improves overall well-being.

What is a workplace wellness system?

A workplace wellness system is a framework or support structure that streamlines wellness at work. It provides a process by which wellness becomes a consistent part of the organizational culture, with planned activities, programs, learning, challenges, and mindset teachings that empowers employees to work, live and play well, to improve wellness in all life dimensions. 

What is relational well-being?

Relational well-being is attained when our interpersonal interactions are peaceful, joyous and harmonious, thus enhancing the well-being of all those engaged in the interaction.

What is Wellness Improvement?

Wellness is a continuous process that evolves over time, thus it is best when we have a system that helps us to stay on track of all the aspects and areas of life we are working to improve so we can stay consistently well.

What is Life Coaching?

What are Interpersonal Skills?

How do I create a workplace wellness system?

You need to identify a plan to maintain consistent focus on wellness at work. Then identify a way to benchmark the wellness of your employees, and help them set wellness goals for the future. Based on this you should create a road map to design that incorporate both the employees and the workplace system wellness. There is not point having well employees in a toxic work environment. Below is a graphic of our workplace wellness system that you can review. Call us today to book a strategy call to help you with your workplace wellness system.

What is Collaborative Management?

Collaborative management is the ability for managers and leaders to lead with collaboratively and foster collaboration among those the lead. Collaborative management allows you as a leader to develop a high level of collaborative skills and awareness. It allows you as a leader to maximize participation, heighten communication and to increase synergy, among your team.

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