January 23, 2023

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Expert Training To Resolve DEI Conflicts

Get Trained to Decode DEI Conflicts 

Would you be able to identify a DEI conflict and respond appropriately based on the progression, alignment, current and potential escalation of that conflict? If not, read on…

What are DEI Conflicts?

DEI Conflicts occur when there are opposing ideas around issues pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Maybe you have witnessed DEI conflicts occurring around you at work or in your community and didn’t know how to help, or felt ill equipped to intervene, or perhaps you are caught up in a DEI conflict yourself and are unable to make sense of what was going on.

Encounter Conflicts Resolutions at Work

There is no shame in not knowing what to do or say when you encounter DEI conflicts. A high number of people fall within the conflict avoider’s style profile for regular interpersonal conflicts, it is no wonder they panic in situations of DEI conflicts.

DEI conflicts can trigger identity issues from the past. Some clients report that it feels like they were back in high school. The same feelings of isolation, fear, panic, disbelief that you are facing this again, and the added pressure that it is now affecting your career and livelihood are all a part of the DEI conflict dynamics.

Imagine being a conflict-avoider who gets caught up in a DEI conflict at work or in your community. A similar challenge faces the conflict between competitors whose tendency is to fight for their rights. Learning to decode DEI conflicts will help you respond appropriately to the conflict at hand. There is a time to fight, a time for flight, and a time to sit at the table or play shuffle negotiation but you will only know which tool to use if you are able to decode the conflict at hand.

You would not show up to a tennis match with a hockey stick, in the same way, you need to understand that the right approach is necessary to respond to the myriad of DEI Conflicts you will encounter working and living in an increasingly diverse world.

Whatever conflict you’re facing or is about to come your way, I want you to be better prepared to address it. Let me train you on decoding DEI Conflicts this week at the free Masterclass I am hosting.

This Masterclass will provide some insight into how DEI conflicts are being left unresolved and how this can delay and offer a legitimate reason to stop a corporate or community DEI initiative.

This Masterclass is for you if you are:

  • Leading a DEI initiative in your organization.
  • Planning a DEI initiative in your community and facing pushback
  • Frustrated with poor responses to DEI conflicts at work.
  • A diverse leader who is facing internal DEI conflicts.
  • A diverse employee wanting to arm yourself for the future.

Get the right training to arm yourself with the tools to face the increasingly high rate of DEI conflicts we are facing in an increasingly diverse world.

Our solution-focused employee training approach shifts mindset and builds competencies for lasting change. I promise you will have fun learning.

To Your Wellness,

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Master Leadership and Well-being Coach. Joyce is the Thought Leader behind the groundbreaking Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ and WIS® Assessment that identifies well-being risks for individuals and organizations. Her work includes harassment and psychological safety consultation, designing inclusive wellness systems, wellness assessments, diversity conflict and well-being consultations, train the trainer certifications, and relational leadership coaching. Joyce also hosts the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit and her weekly What’s Happening at Work podcast. She is the author of six books and President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce is passionate about helping people identify and reduce barriers to living their best lives. In her downtime, you will find Joyce reading, cooking, taking long walks or enjoying time with family and friends. She can be reached at www.interpersonalwellness.com

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