Here What Clients are Saying About or Work.


Joyce has been a great support for our leaders using the Relational Leadership and nine-dimensional wellness  process. The leaders report that they learned a lot and are applying these strategies in their work".

Petra Rapmund HR Manager, Standard Aero Ltd.

" Joyce, I am very appreciative to have had the opportunity to have you mediating and coaching both me and my employee on our workplace challenges. This is not to say that it was easy, especially at the beginning, but it sure was worth the hard work and perseverance. You are a wealth of knowledge and you say what needs to be said in the manner it needs to be heard. The tools you have provided me have helped in both my work life and my home life. The “Style Profile” exercise is very helpful and a real insight on how I respond depending on my current state of mind. The more I apply the suggestions and tools you have given me, the better it gets, I am enjoying life so much more. I could have not done it without your help, Thank you so very much."

                                     - Terry, Province of Manitoba Leader

" I am beginning to see that my relationship with my employees can change and that there can be so fewer disciplinary issues and problems by following the Relational Leadership model I am learning here".

                                            S J. Provincial Government Leader

 "Thank you Joyce for the work you did with me. My employees are now approaching me and asking questions. I wasn't aware that I was unapproachable before our work together. I feel a lot less stressed and it is a much happier work environment for everyone".                                        

                                                    M.J. Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Employee 

 " I really appreciate being in the Relational Leadership program. I love that we can access the e-courses on our own time and reflect on what we learn in class and our coaching sessions. i am also really liking the book that comes with the program. Very well put together program".                                        

                                                    Leader, Province of Manitoba

30 Days Emotional Cleanse Feedback


I learned so much about myself in this program. Thank you for the emotional cleanse program.


Monica Chertok



This program was just what I needed at this time in my life to help me stay focused. Thank you Joyce for these daily reminders.


Amy Blont

Coaching Client


Thanks Joyce, l love being in the group and getting these daily reminders. You have no idea how this has impacted my life.


Frank Demming


"So we made progress already! I look forward to further learning. The team got really excited about the new collaborative problem solving approach."

Sandra Wilson, RN CCHN(C), Clinic Nurse Manager. 

Percy Moore Hospital

Thanks Joyce

"The leadership coaching session that my management team attended was very valuable. It allowed us to explore some issues we had not discussed before and gave us some great insights on where we should go from here".

Glen Buhler  //  Oxygen

I always leave my sessions energized...

"There are so many challenges to the modern workplace; no matter what the issue, Joyce gets you going and follows up with support and programs that produce resultsThe work I do in my coaching sessions with Joyce leads to so much more insight and action than I had initially anticipated. I love this process and how it makes me think outside the box".

Robert Cornelius //  Project Manager


The Bootcamp session at IWS was led by Joyce and it gave me a lot of ideas that I have been implementing thus far. I am glad I attended.


Dominick Blais

CEO Sphere Media


The Coaching Bootcamp I attended was well put together and allowed me to think about things I should have implemented in my business for a long time. Thanks


Cam Von Cook



Whaw! This Coaching Bootcamp was just what I needed at the time to think of those holes in my business. I will be working to implement these ideas.


Darcy Barrington


Speaking Engagements

A Great presenter...

“Joyce is one of the best presenters I have heard on the subject of coaching and conflict management. Her presentations are valuable both at home and at work. She is brilliant, inspiring and approachable.”

Polly Pachu  //  Board Representative, IWAM

Attendees keep returning to hear Joyce

“Joyce Odidison is a fabulous presenter, very knowledgeable, flexible, and of course always professional. When we offer a workshop that is being presented by Joyce, it always fills up quickly and the participants’ comments are very positive. She definitely knows her stuff!" -

Karen Gander  //  MCCA

"I attended the Coaching Communication Styles course. This really helped me to focus in on the way a person's values and view of the world can affect how they interact with people." - Bill Tucker


Thank you for putting our leaders through the Relational Leadership training program. It was time well spent and we learned a lot that we will be applying with our team. I would certainly recommend this program for leaders.

Melanie Mckinnon 

/University of Manitoba


Joyce, thank you for the work you did with our employee. He went from someone we couldn't speak with to someone we can now engage in dialogue and negotiation. I really appreciate the way you help our employees improve their skills.

Human Resources Director
Crown Corporation


Thank you for the work you did with our department. We have been dealing with some toxic work environment for quite some time. Your Wellness Improvement System model allowed us to finally all get on the same page so we can discover a new way to communicate with each other.

Health Canada

If you are one of our clients or have benefited from working with Joyce, we would love to feature your story contact us to share one of your testimonials on how you have benefited.


U of M

Great coaching session. I am definitely interested in learning more and taking more coach training courses."

Thanks for creating the Global Workplace Wellness Summit and bringing it to our campus. I am so glad to be part of it. The speakers and program were excellent".

Enna Trevathane 

/Director of Nursing, SMC