Discover and Mitigate Well-being Risks with Joyce Odidison

We are selecting 15 candidates for our exclusive Well-being Risk Assessment Masterclass and Mitigation Implementation Strategy Package.

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Well-being Risk Mitigation Program 

Investment: $5,000 (if selected)

Format: 3 Virtual Masterclasses + 90-day Coaching Implementation Strategy

What You Will Gain:

Identify Critical Well-being Risks

  • Uncover risks in leadership, management, and organizational levels.
  • Understand the importance of addressing risks early to prevent long-term issues.
  • Learn why employees abandon wellness plans and how to retain engagement.

Learn Effective Mitigation Strategies

  • Develop and measure well-being KPIs.
  • Build competencies to enhance well-being.
  • Foster a continuous learning culture of wellness at work.
  • Learn how to apply the right strategies to meet your KPIs

Exclusive Roundtables

  • Scale well-being strategies across your organization.
  • Engage top executives in healthy well-being dialogues.
  • Access IWS Inc.’s latest content and insights from 27+ years of research and practice.
  • Complimentary pass to the Wellness Academy, our well-being learning hub.

Get your questions answered by Joyce Odidison, Founder of the world’s most comprehensive wellness assessment.

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Program FAQs

1. What is the Well-being Risk Assessment Masterclass?

The Well-being Risk Assessment Masterclass is an exclusive program designed to help organizations identify and mitigate well-being risks. It includes a virtual masterclass and a 90-day implementation strategy package.

2. Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is ideal for leaders, managers, HR professionals, and anyone responsible for the well-being of teams, groups, or organizations.

3. What does the $5,000 investment cover?

The investment covers access to the virtual masterclass, the 90-day implementation strategy package, roundtable discussions, IWS Inc.’s latest content and insights, and a complimentary pass to the Wellness Competency Academy.

4. How is the masterclass delivered?

The masterclass is delivered virtually, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world.

5. What topics will be covered in the masterclass?

The masterclass covers identifying well-being risks, developing and measuring well-being KPIs, building wellness competencies, and applying continuous learning strategies for workplace wellness.

6. What is included in the 90-day implementation strategy package?

The 90-day package includes ongoing support to implement the strategies learned during the masterclass, tailored guidance, and additional resources to ensure successful execution.

7. Who is Joyce Odidison?

Joyce Odidison is the founder of the world’s most comprehensive wellness assessment and an expert in identifying and mitigating well-being risks for organizations.

8. How can I book a call to see if I qualify?

Please book a qualifying call in the calendar link above.

9. What are the benefits of participating in this masterclass?

Participants will gain insights into well-being risks, learn effective mitigation strategies, engage in real-world roundtables, and receive access to exclusive content, support and resources from IWS develop their mitigation plan. They will also receive VIP access to the 2024 Global Workplace Wellness Summit to build out their corporate wellness content for 90 days.

10. Is there a deadline to apply?

Yes, we are selecting only 15 candidates for this program. It’s best to apply as soon as possible to secure your spot.

11. What kind of support will I receive during the 90-day implementation period?

You will receive personal consultation, continuous support, including personalized guidance to formulate your well-being KPIs, identify your well-being risks, map out the well-being competencies that aligns with your KPIs, and access to additional resources, and participation in follow-up sessions to ensure the successful implementation of your well-being strategies. You will also receive complimentary access to the wellness academy.