Training and Development


Coach Training & Certification

Are you looking for a coach training program that offers clients a roadmap to total well-being? You will learn to work with clients who are seeking peace, wellness, skills development, life and professional development. Our training will prepare you to work with the skills confidence and credentials to work with a wide range of clients including leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Our training is an approved International Coach Federation program and offers two level of certifications.

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Workshops and Corporate Training

Are you looking for dynamic workshops and corporate training? Our training is results oriented and meant to give you maximum impact as well as leave your employees and audiences inspired.

Choose from a range of workshops on the following topics:

  • Respectful Workplace
  • Conflict Management
  • Anti-Harassment and Bullying
  • Diversity Conflict Management
  • Coaching Conversations and more….

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Leadership Coach Training

Do you want to equip your leaders with the skills to effectively coach their direct reports? We have been offering leadership coach training since 2006 and have a rich blend of topics and exercises that will help your leaders gain the skills to coach but also help them shift perspective and become more resonant leaders in the organization. You can choose our recommended courses or have us customize a series of courses to your exact needs.

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Collaborative Management Certification

The Collaborative Management Certification – This program is designed out Joyce’s passion for conflict transformation and consists of four units specially designed for those leading teams and managing others to learn step by step process of developing a collaborative work environment that is supportive, encouraging and inspiring. The feedback from the leaders in this course is always very encouraging each time we launch an intake of students.

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Personality Assessments

Are you looking to hone in on the talents and strengths of your team for greater results? Choose from a range of assessment to help you delegate, improve efficiency and reassign roles in your organization.

  • Personal Style Assessments
  • Communication Style Assessment
  • Personal Strength Assessments

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