Because your mental and emotional health needs care

Partnering with a well-being specialist or coach will help you accelerate healing, mental clarity, maximize your success and preserve your mental health.

Clients form mental and emotional care™ report...

Get matched with well-being expert.

We will ensure the specialist meets yourneeds

Get support to identify stressors and issues impacting your mental and emotional health.

Get support to build mental and emotional resilience.

Mental and emotional care is personal support program that helps you take better care of yourself. Set new well-being goals and begin building your well -being intelligence competencies for great life and relationship success.


Is mental and emotional care the same as therapy?

Mental and emotional care is a process that can support you separate from therapy. Many clients attend support to set goals and move forward after therapy or during therapy as they feel more functional and able to become more focused on their goals. If we assess clients need additional support, our specialists and coaches are trained to make a referral.