Transform Your Life

Apply the power of life coaching to transform your mindset, attitude of success.

Life Coaching is a powerfully transformation process for leaders, professional, parent, couples, and youths that accelerates key areas of your life.

Learn how coaching can work for your situation.

Understand the power of coaching to transform thinking,

Change your perspective, and mindset. Get ready for the most compelling experience of being your self without judgement, blame, criticism, or ego.

Accelerate your success with coaching

For Youth

  1. Get the support you need as a youth to navigate your choices.
  2. Gain a confidential sounding board in your coach.
  3. Boost your emotional and mental resilience.
  4. Make good decision to set you on the path to success.
  5. Accelerate your success with coaching to discover your career path.
  6. Improve interpersonal skills.
  7. Develop skills to improve your well-being.

For Adults

  1. Gain the clarity, focus, or support you need to accelerate your life.
  2. Move your life forward and off the hamster wheel.
  3. Develop your self-esteem.
  4. Develop your confidence.
  5. Address fears and assumptions.
  6. Develop your well-being intelligences.
Gain the clarity, focus, or support

What you’ll do during your free consultation

  1. Speak with a life coach
  2. Understand the coaching process
  3. Find the right coach for you
  4. Take successful actions

What to do Before the consult

Think about what you want to change in your life. What have you been struggling with, and where you need another perspective or thinking partner to create awareness and make changes.

What happens during the consult

During the call, you will be asked awareness raising questions about your situation that will help bring clarity and focus. You should relax and trust the process so you can gain the most from your time with Joyce.

What changes after the consult

After the call, you will start working on the things you discussed, or any goal you have set. You will then map out what you need further coaching sessions on with Joyce to improve your life, career, or relationship.

What clients say about their life coaching experience

“I leave my sessions with Joyce feeling more relaxed, focused, and with a deeper understanding of what I need to do to support my team”

Robert Cornelius

“My life has been changed dramatically by all the energy Joyce puts into working with her students. Thank you.”

Tim Grouette

“Joyce’s teaching in a very short time has helped me to buildthe right skills to feel confident as a Life Coach. Thanks forcreating such a great program”


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