March 7, 2022

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How Self-Awareness Can Improve Your Emotional Wellness

Self-Awareness is The First Step in Emotional Wellness

Spring is a time to look ahead to what is fresh and new. A time to clean out the winter dust and invite fresh sunshine into our lives. Spring of 2022 is especially important because we have been held hostage for the past two years by the coronavirus.

This global health epidemic and the ensuing circumstance were very emotional for many and spurred strong emotions for all of us. We also learned just how many of us lacked the self-awareness to know when we are crossing over into an emotional danger zone.

As we pick up the pieces left behind and reclaim our lives, it is vitally important to practice emotional and mental wellness so we can speak and listen to each other again without so much turmoil and hurt. This is what I spoke about in this podcast episode. Listen and leave a comment.

What's Happening at Work - Podcast

Have a listen, and let me if you believe that is the case for you.

Your Wellness,

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a Coach, Mediator, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, and Thought Leader of the groundbreaking Well-being Intelligence Curriculum. With a career spanning over 27 years as a Conflict Analyst, Professional Trainer, University Lecturer, and Master Certified Coach, Joyce helps organizations solve difficult challenges and transition into psychologically safe workspaces that promotes inclusiveness and well-being. As President and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., she has designed transformative training sessions and curricula for her clients, as well as some offered exclusively through her company, such as the Global Workplace Wellness Summit and an ICF Approved Coach Training program. She can be reached at

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