June 7, 2022

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Fostering Employee Wellness: Embracing Interdependence at Work for a Healthy Team

Wondering why interdependence? 

Interdependence at work is an important aspect to running a healthy team and goes a long way to the psychological safety and wellness of your team.

Welcome to June. A typical June month is when we eagerly look forward to long summer days lazing in the shade or the sun as per our preferences. The weather and time of year reconnect us with our environment.

June usually brings on a flurry of activities as employees scramble to wrap up projects, close files, complete training, and get ready for summer break. The closure of schools in July and August allows time for most families to take summer vacations and travel.  

As I look at the files on my desk, they reveal that employees are showing signs of stress, strain, compassion fatigue, and overwhelm at work. This is why we should be practicing more patience, compassion, and civility, especially since most of us are busy and distracted this month.

Each month we promote a wellness competency to improve a dimension of wellness. In June, we are highlighting environmental wellness and interdependence as the corresponding wellness competency.

Positive engagement and harmony with the people and things in our environment promote environmental wellness. Allowing us to be more aware and sensitive how we impact people and things around us.

Practicing Interdependence

Practicing Interdependence

Interdependence is the state of being dependent upon one another. Interdependence is paramount in the workplace. Most of what we do is essential for others to complete their tasks. Yet, from time to time we tend to think about our own needs and lose sight of how much we are dependent upon each other.

Here are some ways we can practice interdependence at work:

Be Inclusive – Refrain from excluding others, as they need information and interaction with you that is essential to them being able to do their work properly. Invite everyone to participate and allow them to contribute to the best of their ability.

Respect Others – Be respectful to your co-workers so they feel valued and an essential part of the team. Disrespectful behaviour is very distracting and devaluing, and it limits the potential of your co-workers to thrive and do their best work.

Pay Attention - Paying attention to those around you is a great way to anticipate their needs and ensure that you are not inadvertently disregarding or upsetting others. It also fosters a respectful work environment that is inclusive and respectful of diverse perspectives, ideas, thoughts, and orientations. Such an environment is open and welcoming to new ideas, it encourages others who may be timid to put their ideas forward, breeds cooperation, and builds trust.

Healthy Work Environment

Healthy Work Environment – It is important to keep a healthy work environment in the physical sense as well as interpersonally. Clean out the clutter at work, remove old files from your desk, and complete tasks that are taking up space in your mind to free up mental energy and subconscious attention to prevent overwhelm. 

Accept Diversity – People are diverse, we are created uniquely, and our various cultures, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, gender perspectives, ideologies, and values that makeup society are meant to help us learn and grow. Learn about each other, appreciate our uniqueness, and find creative ways to work together. Be tolerant of others’ differences and find creative ways to work together.

Practice Social Responsibility – Employees need to find meaning and purpose in their work. Volunteer activities, community projects, and ways to give back to their community are ways to help them connect their organizations to their community in a symbiotic relationship that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Clean Your Workspace – Having a clean workspace is also a great way to create space and light. It is a great spring practice to clear off the winter dust and get ready to lighten the mood for creativity and innovation.

Practice Mindfulness – Being conscious, staying in the present, and smelling the roses, are statements that remind us to pause, stop multi-tasking and enjoy the moment. Each moment is finite and will only last for a short time. Connecting with our environment through mindfulness is a great wellness practice.

By practicing interdependence, we become more aware, connected, and engaged with co-workers, and our environment, this leads to greater fulfillment, a cohesive team, heightened focus, and increase productivity.

There are many other ways to practice interdependence and environmental wellness at work. Share some of the things you are doing at your workplace to promote interdependence and environmental wellness.

Want to know how your organizational wellness competency rating? Request a wellness competency alignment and get the full wellness competency alignment to make wellness part of your workplace culture.

To Your Wellness

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a pioneer and Thought Leader of the groundbreaking Wellness Improvement System and Well-being Intelligence Curriculum. With a career spanning over two decades as a Conflict Analyst, Professional Trainer, University Lecturer, and Master Certified Coach, Joyce remains dedicated to learning and development. As President and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., she has designed and created many life changing programs such as the first ICF Approved Wellness Coach Training program, the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and the Wellness Competency Academy that provides well-being training and coaching for professionals and their families. She continues to provide well-being training solutions and support for EAP plans, HR, Benefit Plans, Health care professionals, Coaches, Consultants and individuals looking to identify and mitigate their well-being risks.

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