Wellness Facilitator Training Information

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Become A Wellness Facilitator Certification!

WIS Wellness Facilitator certification provides specialization training to facilitate wellness programs in organizations and with groups

Learn to use cutting edge, well-researched, professional products – such as wellness assessments, models, tools, and programs – with clients in a wellness coaching practice. The Wellness Facilitator training is the flagship training for all IWS Global Wellness Coaching Network. 

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 WIS Wellness Conversation Model™

The wellness conversation model is a unique way to engage clients in group coaching and one-on-one powerful dialogue to expand their awareness and catapult their results. The wellness conversation model also allows for a deeper dialogue that promotes awareness, acknowledgment, responsibility and action. The wellness improvement perspective will allow you to champion your clients, as they build resonance and a sound foundation on which to continually improve all areas of their lives. CCE Credits ICF

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn to facilitate Wellness Conversations™.
  • Learn theory, principles, and methods of the Wellness Improvement System® and model
  • Gain the practical applications for facilitating Wellness Conversations™ with groups
  • Understanding of the 8 Levels of Wellness for business and life success
  • Get introduced to the basic working of WIS Wellness Assessment® as an observer, coach, facilitator and client
  • Become a licensed certified affiliate WIS wellness facilitator
  • Gain experience and techniques of co-creating a Wellness Life Plan for client use
  • Gain experience in interpreting Wellness Profile reports and wellness profiles
  • Learn tips to provide wellness solutions for individuals and groups
  • Learn to identify clients’ wellness levels to reduce hurry sickness and burnout for leaders
  • Gain access the exclusive business building package for WIS specialists success
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Fast Track Your Learning!

Get certified this summer! The eight (4 weeks) telecourse and 8 weeks e-learning offers 26 Continue Coach Education Units (CCEU’s) from International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest governing body for coaches around the world. We only offer one program per year so don’t miss this session:

Training goes from July 6th to July 27th teleclasses

July 3rd to September 1st Independent e-learning and peer practice

Cost: $3550 or pay over 4 months


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Wellness Assessments

The specialized wellness facilitator training exposes you to the most comprehensive wellness assessment instrument on the market today, while providing the training and practice to facilitate wellness conversations. The training provides you with the framework and tools for deeper integration, to build resilience in clients by fostering mindfulness, self-awareness and profound transformation.


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Wellness Facilitator Courses

  • WISF Course 1: Wellness Improvement System theory
  • WISF Course 2: Using the Wellness Assessment Instrument
  • WISF Course 3: Facilitating Wellness Conversations
  • WISF Course 4: Interpreting the Wellness Assessment Report and Analysis Profile
  • WISF Course 5: Working through the Wellness Improvement Plan
  • WISF Course 6: Workplace and individual wellness applications
  • WISF Course 7:  Improving Clients Wellness Skills and Competencies
  • WISF Course 8:  Application of WISA in workplace for individual sessions
  • WISF Course 9: Facilitating reports for groups schools, and workplaces
  • WISF Course 10: Instituting workplace wellness programs
  • WISF Mentoring and Mastermind sessions
  • WISF Peer Learning Practice hours – (15hrs)
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Hear what others say about being a wellness specialistThe comprehensiveness of the the wellness program allowed me to work with a wider range of clients.” Tara Maniar.

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