The Wellness Competency Mindset Teacher Facilitation Program

Learn to Facilitate WIS® Method For Organizations, Groups, Churches, and Teams.

The WIS® Method is used to reduce stress and improve mental health for professionals at work.

Earn 12 ICF ACSTH plus 26 CCEU’s and become an internationally recognized wellness competency mindset facilitator

The Workplace Wellness Facilitator Training

Foundations of Wellness Improvement System

There has never been a better time to offer wellness inclusion as part of a workplace wellness system.

When done appropriately, wellness systems will empower, inspire, and motivate behavior and lifestyle changes.

You will Learn:


  • The neuroscience of Wellness improvement
  • The foundations, scope, usesand functions of wellness improvement system and the theory of WIS
  • Key perspectives, theory and strategies workplace

Wellness Competency Teaching

Understand the wellness competencies and wellness assessment alignment.

Understand wellness competencies and how they align to corporate values. Learn how to engage and communicate the power of competencies to shift wellness mindset.

You will learn to:


  • The core wellness competencies
  • Understand the competency teaching
  • Teach the wellness competency mindset shift
  • Facilitate wellness competency

Facilitating WIS Profiles and Analysis

WIS profiles provide clients with 8 levels of wellness and analysis that reveals more about their current levels of wellness. WIS looks at their present realities and helps them set wellness goals.

You will learn to:



  • Create wellness goals for clients
  • Create wellness plans
  • Explore and practice the WIS

profile and Analysis concept

Wellness Assessment Facilitation


WIS strategies have been implemented with individuals, groups , and workplaces for over a decade to provide you with best practices to enhance wellness in work and life success.

You will learn to:


  • Learn to facilitate the wellness assessment tool
  • Gain deeper awareness of their scope and
  • Learn to apply it globally
  • Explore interpretations and options

Facilitating Wellness Conversations with Groups

Learn to facilitate wellness seminars, workshops, lunch and learns and other group wellness conversation sessions.

You will learn to:


  • Facilitate WIS with groups
  • Practice WIS group process
  • Deliver and get feedback on your group process

Workplace Wellness Audits and Surveys

How well is your workplace?

This is a question every leader should ask and reflect on. This course explores workplace wellness audits, assessments and surveys that help reveal issues that are impacting wellness at work.

You will learn to:


  • Apply and facilitate the workplace wellness audit
  • Research, modify and re-use available surveys
  • Share results to get buy-in for wellness improvement

Workplace Wellness Improvement Strategies

This course will explore the workplace wellness improvement strategies that will motivate change in mindset and behaviors in the workplace and groups.

You will learn:


  • Components of the WIS
  • The critical elements to include in a wellness strategy or program
  • Steps successfully implement the

Engaging Employees in Workplace Wellness

This course will explore ways to engage employees to interact, engage with and participate in the workplace wellness strategy or program activities.


It will explore what has not worked in the past and how to adjust for remote and hybrid workplace and group participation.


  • Craft a whole system program message
  • Review what would work for your different stakeholder groups
  • Prepare different messages that engage your employee interest

Communicating and Evaluate Your Workplace Wellness Program Internally

The success of your wellness program will be determined by how well it is communicated internally to all stakeholders. This course will examine the critical elements of evaluating and marketing your workplace wellness program.

You will learn to:


  • Apply an evaluative elements to your program.
  • Message your program for the stakeholder groups.
  • Share the right message about your wellness program.

Coaching for Workplace Wellness

Understand the wellness coaching elements for a workplace or organization.
This course will help you examine how and when to recommend or apply wellness coaching as a wellness strategy.

Learn to:


  • Implement a coaching program that teach leaders how to behave in a workplace wellness system success.
  • Implement workplace wellness coaching that supports new wellness habits.
  • Develop a plan for internal and external coaching support for wellness at work.

Coaching Strategy for Personal Wellness(WIS) Overview

Employees who live a balanced responsible life are better equipped to excel at work. Learn to help employees create awareness around personal wellness, set wellness goals, develop personal wellness plans. You will learn to:

You will learn to:


  • Create structures for employees
  • Design action steps to take ownership of their wellness
  • Assist employees in demonstrating new learning

Emotional Resilience Teaching Harnessing Positive Energy

Resilience teaching focuses on coping and moving forward even beyond difficulties, stresses and challenges. This course will explore the art of harnessing the positive energy of groups and interpersonal relationship for resilience. 

You will learn to:


  • The power of social vibrations
  • How to notice the energy of client groups
  • Positive energy disruption and energy boost

Recovery and Wellness at Work


Career interruptions are not always planned and expected. This course will help you coach through illnesses to recovery, resilience, and wellness as employees prepare to reclaim their careers.

You will learn to:


  • Help clients set wellness goals
  • Help them deal with the challenges of transitioning back to wellness
  • Help clients create a wellness mindset
  • Create wellness plan with results that are attainable, measurable, specific and have target

Self-care and the Reflective Practitioner

Are you caring for others, how reflective is your own practice? Learn strategies to improve your reflective practice. Several strategies for reflection, such as journaling, visioning, stories, metaphors, art, and visualizing.

You will learn:


  • To explore reflective tools and activities
  • Metaphors and stories as power tools for reflection
  • To use reflection for growth, balance, and wellness

Learn to Bring WIS Method to your workplace

A fully developed customizable roadmap to employee wellness at work.

90 Day Workplace Wellness System

Learn to present, and make the case for a comprehensive wellness strategy to leaders and decision makers and listen to employees. You will gain a deeper under­standing of the framework and the concept of wellness system in workplaces.

You will learn to:


  • Apply the power of a wellness system framework
  • Learn the wellness roadmap and how to implement it at work
  • Develop and present your own understanding of the wellness system
  • Share how a wellness system can be applied in as little as 90 days




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