August 24, 2022

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Motivation for work: Work Well Challenge leading to Global Workplace Wellness Summit

Kickstart Your Fall with the Work Well 2022 Challenge and Global Workplace Wellness Summit Countdown

Did you notice that summer is almost ended? I believe most of us know that summer ends at the end of August. I can't remember summer going by so quickly. The Work Well challenge is intended to help you get motivation, tips, ideas, and positive energy to return to work and stay well this year.

As we come to the end of August and summer winds down, many of my clients are saying they need some motivation to get them ramped up for the fall and we decided to launch the return to Work Well 2022 Challenge early. This year this challenge will also serve as the count down and ramping up for the Global Workplace Wellness Summit hybrid event happening September 28-29, 2022.

Did you take some time to get some rest and relaxation and to get projects done around your home and outdoors over the summer? This summer I took on a landscaping project at my home, and I am very proud of the results because I get to enjoy it until the snow comes, but alas fall is looming and we must get ready to work well. I am doing the Work Well challenge along with my network and it is starting to be quite fun. Join us today!

Join us for the free Work Well Challenge and get the momentum of doing it with others to help you stay well this fall.

Join the Free Work Well Challenge Now! Click to Join

To Your Wellness,

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Master Leadership and Well-being Coach. Joyce is the Thought Leader behind the groundbreaking Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ and WIS® Assessment that identifies well-being risks for individuals and organizations. Her work includes harassment and psychological safety consultation, designing inclusive wellness systems, wellness assessments, diversity conflict and well-being consultations, train the trainer certifications, and relational leadership coaching. Joyce also hosts the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit and her weekly What’s Happening at Work podcast. She is the author of six books and President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce is passionate about helping people identify and reduce barriers to living their best lives. In her downtime, you will find Joyce reading, cooking, taking long walks or enjoying time with family and friends. She can be reached at

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