Become Wellness Facilitator

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November 24, 2021

Are you looking for a tool to help your clients maximize their success?

Are you looking for a way to help clients clean up their messy lives?

Do you want to help clients develop new skills and integrate learning more fully?

Are you looking to expand your market and provide additional services?

Become Wellness Facilitator

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc has launched its revolutionary Interpersonal Wellness Life Planning Profile Facilitator Training Program. This Facilitator training is open to consultants, corporate trainers, mediators, financial planners, social workers, therapists, health care providers, alternative dispute resolution practitioners and certified coaches.

The Interpersonal Wellness Facilitator will learn how to introduce the IW Life Planning Profile Assessment to new and current clients, and learn how to interpret the IW Life Planning Profile Assessment Report to their clients. Facilitators will also learn strategies to lead clients through the self-assessment tool and inform their understanding of all eight life dimensions and the competencies necessary to attain optimal wellness in each area.

Unlike their comprehensive twelve month Interpersonal Wellness Coach Certification program, the Interpersonal Wellness Facilitator program is completed in just 6 weeks. Facilitators receive training and mentoring by an Interpersonal Wellness expert on facilitating the IW Life Planning Profile into their current practice. They will also receive training on how use it to work with existing clients or expand their service offering and boost sales.

The IWLPP is a dynamic, revolutionary process that expands clients’ thinking and adds a whole new dimension of service opportunities to the facilitator’s toolkit. Over the last ten years the IWLPP has resulted in a 90% success rate for clients in assisting them to view their life situations differently and set and attain new goals for their lives.

To learn more about the facilitators training and to access the summer facilitators training sale, please go to their training website for more information, read more…


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