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Workplace Wellness

A 20-year track record of improving collaboration, workplace wellness, engagement, and resilience, by increasing leadership effectiveness, reducing disruptive interpersonal conflicts, and negative workplace stresses.

We are an Organizational Development, Coaching and Training firm. We specializing in Performance Improvement, Leadership Coaching and, Respectful Workplace. We serve organizations, teams, groups, institutions, professional associations, and leaders, globally. 

Coach Training

We offer Manitoba’s only globally recognized coach training certification program. Learn with us and get the skills to make meaningful changes with your team or future clients. Take coach training e-courses


Work with a certified coach on our team and get solutions for workplace disruptions, personal relationships or life challenges.

We offer a broad range of personal coaching, team, workplace and wellness coaching for organizations, leaders, families, and individuals who want more from life or work. Give us a call at 1-877-999-9591!


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We improve performance, leadership results, focus, and execution. We develop collaborative processes with teams, develop resilience, improve respect, engagement and design coaching cultures. We also offer dynamic interpersonal skills improvement programs, supported by e-learning and electronic progress tracking.

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