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We provide coaching, coach training, and certifications. Gain access to customized leadership coach training, conflict management, and workplace wellness training. 

We offer Manitoba’s only globally recognized coach training certification program. Learn with us and get the skills to make meaningful changes with your team or future clients.

Work with a certified coach on our team and get solutions for workplace disruptions, personal relationships or life challenges.

We offer a broad range of personal coaching, team, workplace and wellness coaching for organizations, leaders, families and individuals who want more from life or work. Give us a call!


Thinking of doing coach training with us? Would you like to learn more about our coach training program and what it can offer you? Click here for a free personal consultation.

Wellness Improvement System Master (WISA) Training: Learn to facilitate wellness assessment with clients, host wellness retreats and wellness conversations and gatherings – September 14th, 2016, time: 6-8pm CST.   Click here to learn more.


Latest Posts

Wellness Assessment

June 27, 2016 5:04 pm Published by

I spent two glorious days last week facilitating the (WISA) Wellness Improvement System Assessment to people who desire to facilitate... Read More

Resolving Rocky Relationships

April 5, 2016 2:30 pm Published by

Rocky relationships consist of interpersonally unwell dynamics. They are usually combative, disrespectful, degrading, spiteful, harassing, abusive, critical, or insulting. Interactions... Read More

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