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We Help you Attain Relational Well-being
Are you Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated, Stressed or Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling hurt, upset, angry, or frustrated by a work or life issue or conflict? Looking for real solutions, respect, and compassion?  You have come to the right place! We work with individuals, groups, and workplaces.We Transform lives, group dynamics, relationships, and workplaces. so people can….




hurt, upset, angry, frustrated book

Get a free chapter here of the “Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated?” Book

  1. We Develop, improve and sharpen skills for professionals
  2. We Train and Certify professional coaches to develop others 
  3. We Strategize, extend possibilities, expand minds, build resilience

Who We Are

A results-oriented learning, training and organizational development company with a 20-year track record of successfully transforming difficult group and, team dynamics, disruptive individual behaviour, and workplace conflicts.

We love to work with you or your team if there is hurt, upset and anger and frustration to restore working harmony, flow, and well-being. We Intervene. Assess. Design. Training. Certify. Coach. Transform. 

Coach Training and Certification

Do you want to learn to coach and develop people so they can work, live and play well again? You have come to the right place. We teach an ICF approved globally recognized coach training certification program. Learn with us and get the skills to make meaningful changes with your team or future clients. Take coach training e-courses

Our Clients

Corporate Clients: Want to restore harmony, deal with conflicts and toxic workplaces, improve leadership results, build collaborative teams, and respectful environments for workplace wellness? Click here…

Mid-Career Professionals: Do you want to merge your knowledge, skills and work experience into certification? Want to sharpen your skills and gain credibility with coaching certification? Want to be more competitive and impactful? Looking to transition from work to retirement as a certified coach?  Do you have a burning desire to help others improve their well-being and positively impact their work and life, as a certified coach? Are you looking for a fresh new career opportunity? Click here…

Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Do you want a strategic partnership and new insights from others who know what you are going through? Is it time to improve work and life wellness? Do you want to improve focus, clarity, gain new skills, awareness, to have a greater impact, influence and feel more satisfied with your life? Click here…

We Accelerate Interpersonal Skills Development

We offer superior interpersonal skills improvement programs, supported by e-learning and electronic progress tracking. Refer someone to work with us


We offer a broad range of personal, group and life coaching for mid-career professionals and individuals, who want to work, live and play well. Give us a call at 1-877-999-9591!


View a range of training and development opportunities click to view our calendar.  

Try our no obligation Fundamentals of Coaching Course. Gain inside knowledge about coaching.

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