Workplace Wellness Programs

Wellness Assessment for Groups and Workplaces

Give your team, group, or organization a roadmap to wellness with the WIS® Wellness assessment for groups. Help your team to:

  • Assess their wellness risks
  • Create common wellness dialogue
  • Learn their wellness profiles
  • Customize their wellness development

The Group Assessment Package Includes the following:

  • WIS® Wellness Assessment
  • WIS® Wellness Conversation Framework
  • WIS® Wellness Planning Template

Improve Emotional Wellness at Work

Learn to Facilitate the WIS® Wellness Assessment with Corporate Groups and Organizations.  The wellness facilitator training will expand your ability to work with a wider range of clients. Learn to use wellness conversations to engage clients about their thoughts and perspectives on wellness. 

Help your team develop a wellness conversation format that engages everyone in constructive dialogue for improved well-being.

Workplace Wellness

Are you looking to restore relational well-being at work? Need to reduce negative and limiting behavior like gossips, bullying, and harassment? Let us help you create a plan!