Workplace Wellness Program

Workplace Wellness Program Design

A healthy workplace means more yoga and meditation. It is more holistic and takes into consideration the physical, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, emotional, occupational, financial, interpersonal and mental health of employees. Wellness promotion doesn’t just benefit the employee they benefit the employer in sick benefits and loss of productivity also. More organizations are creating Safety and Health Committees, Wellness Officers and Happiness Managers who are responsible for recognizing health and safety concerns and identifying solutions.

Given the attack on wellness with lifestyle and genetic diseases The time has come for new growth in t


Leadership and Wellness Program

Leaders who are committed to personal wellness and the overall wellness of their teams, play a big role in the promotion, roll out and success of these programs. As a leader, you should show open support for wellness at work and model wellness that will set the new culture in your workplace. Some things that leaders can do include taking walks at lunch time, participating in workplace challenges, health screening programs and demonstrate good work life balance examples. 


Wellness Conversations

Establishing a workplace wellness program is not an overnight process, give yourself and your employees time to consider the benefits and to transition their thinking. Don’t get upset if everyone isn’t excited about your new workplace wellness program.

Use the wellness conversation model to increase awareness and generate interest in your wellness program. Workplace wellness is the single most important investment employers can make in their organization in the next decade. We use the wellness conversation model to help employees be curious about how well they are doing and get them engaged and aware that they may need to answer some wellness questions.

Wellness conversations open the door to you sharing other wellness resources such as:

  • Wellness assessments
  • Wellness audits
  • Health surveys and other more in-depth programs

Learn to host wellness conversations with our wellness facilitator training program

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Other Wellness Program Design Services

We offer the following wellness program offerings to our clients:

Workplace Wellness Coaching
Workplace wellness coaching prepares you to coach issues that impact wellness at work. This course equips you to provide one-on-one and group wellness coaching support in your workplace. Based on theory and practice, this course enables you to begin practicing wellness coaching at work.

Workplace Wellness Auditing

Ever wonder what your employees think about your organization? Workplace wellness audits allow for fast feedback that identifies the key issues that challenge wellness at work. It provides the skills to practice, facilitate and respond to workplace wellness audits.

Wellness Assessments

Want to engage your employees to work, live and play well? Wellness assessments are a great way to create awareness for employees, by identifying the areas where they need to improve, so they can experience their work life better. Learn to dialogue with employees on benefits of the wellness assessments and offer some insights on how they can improve their results by bench-marking their level of wellness.

Wellness Conversations at Work

Not sure how to hold a wellness conversation at work? Employees today show a desire to engage on a different level than a generation ago. Wellness is a very broad topic and one where you may need a roadmap to navigate.Provide wellness conversations with employees or clients with none of the awkwardness and discomforts that many experiences.

Coaching Conversations

Coaching takes place in a conversational format. This course will equip you with the skills to identify coachable moments and ease into coaching conversations with skill and tact. Learn to identify coachable moments and engage in a coaching conversation, with less resistance and defensiveness from those you work with.

Encouraging Change

Change inspires fear and resistance in some employees and can cause dissension and sabotage in the workplace. This workshop will prepare you to have the “change conversation” with your employees that will allow them to face changes with less fear and resistance. Become equipped to invite dialogue, practice empathetic listening and changing perspectives in with your clients in this course.

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