Build A Culture Of

Interpersonal Wellness

at Work

Help Employees Learn Key Interpersonal Improvement Skills and Competencies to Reduce Tension and Maximize Productivity.

Based on the nine-dimensional wellness improvement system whole person perspective, WIS® Method offers employees a clear framework to follow.

Learn teaching from the bestselling conflict resolution book to address the common conflicts that cause hurt, upset, anger and frustrations at work by:

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    Identifying early signs of conflicts
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    Gain the confidence to initiate conflict resolution
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    Reducing conflict avoidance so issues do not escalate
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    Learn surprisingly easy ways to understand and deal with conflicts at work

Help employees prepare to deal with interpersonal challenges at work with the interpersonal skills development program that offers:

The Trust Factor in Business – Align trust building, integrity, and high performance by learning the wellness competency teachings in the Spiritual Wellness dimension.

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    Responsible communication training and coaching
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    Professional self-esteem improvement and coaching
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    Critical conversation coaching
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    Capacity building

There’s never been a more important time to help employees improve their wellness and create a personal wellness plan.


Enroll one of your employees in the Personal Wellness Enhancement Plan. Learn how your personal wellness can impact the way you show up at work, the way you resolve conflicts, and your overall productivity.

Take individual coaching sessions, request a group coaching session, or join our interpersonal wellness improvement monthly masterclasses.

This blended program offers live group coaching sessions, monthly masterclasses, question and answer sessions, e-courses, and the coaching toolkit exercise logs.

Customized Corporate Solutions

We provide consultation and subject matter expertise to help you address and analyze conflict situations at work, so you understand the key messages behind the conflicts.

We help you address conflicts to reduce stress and strain on your team. Let us help you with:

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    Facilitated discussions
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    Collaborative dialogues
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    Consensus building process
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    Fact-finding and Mediations

We can help you decide the best approach to your conflict.