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  • 20 deliverable wellness workshops 
  • A recognized certification (26 ICF CCEU')
  • Turnkey seminar templates

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  • Learn to facilitate wellness assessments and group facilitation

  • Get Certification as a Master Wellness Facilitator

Here’s what our graduates are saying:

I was blown away at the depth of this training and how I am able to add it to my work with clients” - Karen Beal (Coach)

"It has been only 2 year of being a trained facilitator and I am so glad to add this work to my business offering. I would not have been able to do on my own.” - Kim Standeven, Coach and Wellness Facilitator (IWS Team Member).

“The quality of the training is superb, the instructors were fabulous, and Joyce is very knowledgeable. I use the wellness assessment tool with all my clients all the time”. - Doris Neufeld (Coach).

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