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Design Powerful Wellness Conversation Framework

These powerful wellness conversations set the stage for your employees to move past hurt and upset in the workplace and discover new ways to improve relational well-being. It also:

  • Helps build trust among employees
  • Improve communication
  • Increase compassion 
  • Improve empathetic listening
  • Create room for employees to vent frustrations in a safe place
  • Improve dialogue and transparency
  • Reduce fears and suspicion

Integrate the Powerful Wellness Competency Teachings

The 9 wellness competency teaching will help build a culture of wellness at work and allow for these benefits:

  • New mindset about wellness
  • Foster new behaviours
  • Integrate wellness micro-learning techniques
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Increase participation on your wellness program
  • Provide a clear link to wellness activities and competencies
  • Encourage diverse perspectives
  • Maximize success of your wellness program 

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WIS@Work is based on the Interpersonal Wellness Improvement System® Built on 9 Wellness Competencies.

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Get access to innovative tools resources, challenges, mental wellness strategies, webinars, e-courses, training and support to keep your wellness system engaging, motivating and have a broader focus. 

Save Time, Money and Don't compromise on quality. Customization Done for You Resources.  A multi-prong competency focus approach to boost participation and meet Diverse needs. 

Get access to an array of workplace wellness audits and assessments sessions to transform your wellness program into a workplace wellness system. 

Whether you are just starting a wellness program at work, expanding. or systematizing your current offerings, the team at WIS@Work Academy can assist you with , building your wellness teams, instituting a wellness system, or a comprehensive wellness assessment for your employees.

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WIS@Work is based on the Interpersonal Wellness Improvement System® Built on 9 Wellness Competencies.

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Questions About WIS@Work Offerings?

Looking to systematize your current workplace wellness program? Want to add competencies or create a global system? We offer the following support for your workplace wellness initiative:

  • System Design and Management
  • Consultation on Your Workplace System Improvement
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Wellness Seminars
  • Relational Well-being Webinars
  • Wellness Assessments
  • Wellness Coaching Support
  • Wellness Keynotes to Revitalize your Workplace, build morale and re-engage your employees.

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WIS® Enhances Workplace Interactions and Experiences.

Learn how the Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) meets both the employee and organizational needs; teaching both leaders and employees how to relate to each other well to reduce stress, harassment, and conflicts, thus building a collaborative and resilient culture of trust and well-being. Contact us here for more information on presenting at the upcoming summit.

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