Join the Monthly WIS®Dis-Ease Release Coaching 

Reduce Stress, so You Can Sleep Better at Night.

Get the support you need to control stressful and painful thoughts and emotions.

Coaching is used by successful people to change their lives.

At WISLife Academy you can attend up to four coaching sessions per month and get access to all the WIS Courses, tool and workbooks to improve your mind and your thinking.

Wouldn't it be nice to respond to the things around you better and not lose sleep, or sweat the small stuff? Learn how to tune random thoughts like rain drops.

Here's What you will Learn to do Better:

Clarify Your Emotions

Learn to quickly identify your emotions, what its telling you and the actions you take based on those feelings.

Uncover Your Belief System

Learn to identify the belief system that's attracting and anchoring your thoughts.

Sift Out Anchored Thoughts

Hone in the the anchored thoughts and decipher the meaning you draw from them.

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Here's what our clients are saying about the WIS®DIS-Ease Release Technique

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Client Feedback

Carol - Team Leader

I am 45 years and this is the first time that I have been able to spend time with my thoughts and really ask questions about what's attracting or keeping them around.

Thanks Joyce

Paul - CEO 

I would not have believed this was possible. I find myself actually looking forward to examining these belief systems about my expectations of my team.

I can actually sleep again without medication.

Sarah  - Area Manager

I don't know how I would have survived this job change without this process and your guidance.

I am truly thankful for this quick and easy process. I feel free again.

Thanks Joyce

What You'll Learn in the WIS®Dis-Ease Release Coaching Session

3 Simple Steps to...

Reduce Dis-Ease and Get Better Sleep at Night.

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