Fundamentals of Coaching Invitation

By admin

August 11, 2016

This is your invitation to join me on March 2nd, when I will be hosting our introductory Fundamentals of Coaching class.

Have you been wondering what you’ve been missing by not improving your coaching skills?

Have you wondered if maybe you should take a coaching course or learn a few coaching conversation skills to be a better parent, teacher, manager, leader or to improve your relationships better?


Have you been planning on taking a coaching course some day when the time is right?

Join the complimentary summer introduction to coaching class that will help you better understand the benefits of coaching and get some practice on how to use coaching to accelerate your career.

I’m extremely excited to welcome you to this class and suggest that you come ready with all your questions as we explore the benefits and value of coaching and how it would enhance your career.

You can register for the Fundamentals of Coaching course Here.

I am looking forward to seeing you in class.

See you in class!

To Your Wellness,


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