What’s Your Purpose in 2018?

What’s Your Purpose in 2018?

Instead of setting goals this January, I ask my clients what their purpose was for the year. In this exercise, we review the ‘why’ and examine which part of it they wanted to execute this year. By doing this, we avoid setting resolutions we are not committed to completing.

We all have a life purpose even if we its not popular or something we can share with our parents. When we think of living in integrity with our life purpose we tend to move our lives along in stages of growth rather than setting resolutions.

For example, I started a legacy building podcast on joyceodidison.com that I have been thinking about doing for some time. I choose this year as the time to execute because I had put everything in place to make it a success include the time of day I was going to record and what I will be talking about. So rather than it being a resolution that is short lived what we do becomes another element in to our lives that is fulfilling and that complements our lifestyle.

Ask yourself this, is there something you have always wanted to do, that you think may add to your life or work? Is there something you have been putting off that is so much a part of what the universe is calling you do? Don’t let another year pass by without you stepping out and doing it.

Remember, you are not building resolutions, you are building a legacy. Give it all that you have, don’t give up, don’t quit on yourself, don’t doubt yourself; just keep moving forward even when you don’t see how it is possible. I’m cheering you on! Don’t worry, you are a star, keep shining on. You are on your way to success.

Be well,

Joyce Odidison