What’s New

What’s New

We have lots of exciting and new things happening this fall.  We welcome Erin-Brie Warwick, LLB (LLM candidate) as our new associate.  Erin-Brie is joining our team with a background in Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Coaching and with a strong interest in wellness. 

 The Passion Test

We have a certified Passion Test facilitator on staff to help you or your group discover and live your passions. 

 Passion Test for Your Organization

A way to help teams and groups engage and discover their passion and connect with their organizational goals and visions.  Call us for a consultation!

 Depression Recovery Coaching

A holistic and interpersonal approach to depression recovery.  Call for a consultation on the depression recovery coaching. 

 Contact us at: 204 668-5283 Call us today!


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