What is Coaching About?

What is Coaching About?

There is no doubt that coaching gets a lot more attention and exposure in 2012 that it did in the last decade. I have also noticed that the meaning of coaching is varied and that coaching is now being applied to many aspects of life. In the last decade, we have seen the development of life coaching and host of other coaching specializations. One can now get a coach for shopping, cooking and a coach for weight loss, among other things.

With so many varied specializations of coaching, it is not hard for one to lose the essence or the true meaning of coaching. I like John Whitmore’s description of coaching, as being a process of equipping people with skills, knowledge, tools and opportunities. The coach must see the client in terms of their potential and not their past actions. The coach must believe that the client has the potential to gain new awareness, develop new skills, set goals and take actions to follow through. This means that the coach should refuse to coach the client, if it becomes evident that the client is not able to become self-aware, acknowledge, set goals and take action to towards the stated goals.

Coaching should always remain a client centered process that is geared towards the goals, needs and interest of the client while in the coaching process. At no time should the coaching process become combative or stray from the client interests. Even when the coach presents stories or metaphors they should closely relate to the client’s needs and only be used to help the client gain awareness, focus or see new opportunities for improving their life.

Is there an issue(s) you are struggling with? Are you seeking a change, facing a change or need to learn about yourself? Do you want to be part of a process that is all about you becoming equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and opportunities that will make your life better? Don’t let 2012 find you in a rut, call a coach today and begin the process of discovery and growth that comes with coaching. As the saying goes, “you are richer than you think”.

To Your Success and Wellness