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Now you can adopt a wellness competency mindset shift to release overwhelm, distress and dis-ease.

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Choose From these Options

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Get monthly coaching support to move you forward and put in place strategies to save time, reorganize your focus, set goal and stay accountable.

On Demand Power Coaching Session

Spend some time with a coach to get through a difficult situation on demand. Get the thinking partnership, motivation and accountability to move forward.

VIP Half-day or Coach for a Day

Want to get a lot done in a short time? Book a VIP half-day of Coach for a Day. A coach can work with your leadership team, be part of a working group. Work with a board of directors, be assigned to a leader for a day, facilitate your retreat or coach your employees. Book now, spots are limited.

Move from being stuck to taking the right actions.

The Coaching Foundation

Grounded in neuroscience, transformational learning, positive psychology, behaviour modification, cognitive conditioning theory, and change management, this amazingly powerful nine dimensional coaching concept has been used to work with clients globally with amazing success by providing them with quick and lasting insight and knowledge of themselves and others.

You will ​gain insight and strategies to deal with business, life or work situations courageously.

Get the help you need to live the life you deserve to live.

Here's What you will Learn to do Better:

Clarify Your Emotions

Identify emotions that may be holding you back from moving forward.

Uncover Your Belief System

Realize limiting beliefs and how they may cause you to stay stuck.

Sift Out Anchored Thoughts

Hone in the anchored thoughts and decipher the meaning you draw from them.

Here's what our clients are saying about coaching with us...


Client Feedback

Carol - Team Leader

I am really glad I hired a coach from IWS. This has been a very positive thing for my business.

Thanks Joyce

Paul - CEO 

Having a coach from IWS has been very beneficial for me. I now have a collaborative team process and know what everyone is doing with timelines and goals. Very powerful and efficient.

Thanks again

Sarah  - Area Manager

I don't know how I would have survived this job change without this process and your guidance.

I am truly thankful for this quick and easy process. I feel free again.

Thanks Joyce

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