Wellness and Transformation in Your Workplace!

Wellness and Transformation in Your Workplace!

Did you know that there is a connection between our wellness and our ability to change our behaviours?

As a coach, consultant, trainer, employer, or program developer, it is imperative to think of the capacity of the people we are working with. While some people can make what seems like easy changes to improve their behaviour, it often seems like an even larger group of folks just aren’t able to make those changes to improve. Whether you want them to change their attitude, prioritize, adopt work life balance, have better time-management, collaboration more, be accountable, or critical thinking skills.

Most times our clients are not moving forward because there is something not going well in an area of their life. No amount of coaching or coaxing will work until we stop and address the unwell and help them move past that.

I explain how we use the Wellness Improvement Framework to address every known problem to clients and helps them easily and quickly identify where they are not doing well so they can quickly revert to a behaviour that is in line with where they need to be.

In this video above, I show the connection between a person’s wellness and their ability to transform their behaviour.

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