Wellness Services

Wellness Assessment

Are you tired, overwhelmed and upset? Looking for balance, focus and a roadmap to wellbeing? The Wellness System Model provides you with a quick way to measure your wellness level in nine life dimensions. Learn your wellness scores and get consultation on your wellness profile.

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Workplace Wellness Programs

Are you looking for wellness conversations starters, wellness assessments, or seminars for your group or organization? Take advantage of high impact wellness workshops, seminars, keynotes and training based on the nine-dimensional wellness model. Help your group gain traction, gain insight and awareness about the whole system relational wellbeing approach. Choose from topics such as:

  • Wellness conversations
  • Wellness and life choices
  • Relational wellbeing
  • Creating workplace wellness

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Wellness Facilitator Certification

Are you a practitioner or coach looking to add a wellness component to your practice for client total well-being? The wellness facilitator training will expand your views on many ways to grow your business. Learn to use wellness conversations to draw clients into your practice, learn to offer wellness assessment, interpret wellness scores and reports, as well as how to facilitate wellness profiles for clients.

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Wellness Coaching

Are you struggling to stay well? Frequently ill, low energy and overwhelmed? Working with a wellness coach will provide you with a whole system relational well-being assessment. Find out where you are leaking vital energy. Create a wellness action plan and get support to improve your overall well-being.

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Workplace Wellness

Are you looking to restore relational well-being at work? Need to reduce negative and limiting behavior like gossips, bullying, and harassment? Let us help you create a plan!

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