Wellness Improvement System (WIS)- Why it Works

The Wellness Improvement System® (WIS)

WIS works because it embraces all areas of a person’s life. WIS provides a truly holistic and multi-dimensional approach to promoting human wellness potential.

wellness improvement system model

wellness improvement system model

The WIS model invites you to expand your concept of wellness, reminding us that we have many parts that are related and interconnected. You can explore the WIS Program here.

The model WIS allows you to examine and improve all areas of your life wellness; looking first at personal wellness and then at interpersonal wellness. It provides a roadmap to explore, discover, acknowledge and take the desired actions to improve one's wellness in multiple areas.

The WIS model is the foundation for the Wellness Competency Mindset Teaching and Coach training program.

The model is flexible, allowing it to be easily used with individuals and with groups. It is truly a pleasure working this model to introduce the wellness competencies and the adoption of a wellness mindset that fosters interpersonal skills and relational well-being at work.

As humanity grows more overwhelmed and mental illnesses rises in society, the WIS model show us that mental health is not just cognitive therapy. Mental health and wellness cannot be attained if we are not living well in the nine life dimensions, including the interpersonal realm, which is the core of the model.

Over the past decade of teaching, practicing and sharing the WIS model, it has taken on a much deeper meaning and continue to teach us and our students and clients a bigger message than was first intended. Today the WIS model is widely embraced by teams, leaders and workplaces as a roadmap for wellness conversations.

The coaches and facilitators trained in using the WIS model have continued to tell us that it makes envisioning and executing their wellness business easier and more attainable. Today the WIS model is used to help people globally to imagine a way to aspire and improve to optimal wellness.

One of the key tool for The WIS model success is the WIS Assessment model. You can purchase the WIS Assessment instrument online or as a hard copy booklet.

Over the years we have adopted most of our training to utilize the WIS model and we teach and train others to deliver the model in their own regions and languages. View some of.The WIS Teaching and Training Programs

Let us know how what you think of the WIS model and if there is anything we can help you with.

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