Wellness Improvement System (WIS)- Why it Works

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The Wellness Improvement System® (WIS)

WIS works because it embraces all areas of a person’s life. WIS provides a truly holistic and multi-dimensional approach to promoting human wellness potential. WIS invites you to expand your concept of wellness, reminding us that we have many parts that are related and interconnected.

WIS allows for you to examine and improve where needed, all areas of your life wellness; looking first at personal wellness and then at interpersonal wellness. WIS provides a roadmap for you to explore, discover, acknowledge and take the desired actions to improve your wellness.


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WIS is flexible, allowing the model to be used with individuals and with groups. It is truly a pleasure working with WIS to introduce wellness competencies and interpersonal skills that can be matured and developed for wellness improvement.

WIS has grown and expanded into a fully certified coach training program, a full multi-dimensional wellness assessment, wellness coaching, and the workplace wellness assistance program. Whatever your need for growth and development, WIS is adaptable to address them.
Give us a call today and learn how WIS can work for you, your team or your organization.

To Your Wellness

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