Gain Wellness Coaching Tools to Optimize Clients Work and Life.

Want to help clients improve their wellness in work and life?

Become a certified wellness improvement coach and stand out.

Learn the Wellness Improvement Method

A blended learning program made up of e-learning plus virtual live instructor led coaching practice, coaching supervision, discussion, and mentoring. 

September 28 - December 9, 2023

Instructor led classes run every  Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:00 am CST. Join the live virtual classes and gain hands on learning. These small intensive classes are supplemented with e-courses that you have access to in a secure portal.

Our program offers you the benefit of an established ICF approved curriculum matched with robust learning and development that will help you to quickly excel as a coach. Our program is uniquely designed to offer you coaching exposure in the following spread through your curriculum:

What is Wellness Coaching?

  • Wellness coaching is a specialized niche in the field of professional life coaching. Wellness coaches typically help clients to become better, more successful in their work and life. 
  • Wellness coaches provide a wellness framework for clients to assess their lives and design strategies to work, live and work well. 
  • They help clients explore ways to improve their overall health and wellness.

Get  Immersive Wellness Tools

We offer a fully integrated wellness coaching approach that prepares you to support clients desire to improve their wellness in a wide range of areas.

You will prepare to support clients as they develop their health and wellness plans, spiritual wellness journeys, and self-actualization so they can attract more positive energy, prevent chronic diseases, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will learn strategies in the following areas:

  • Life Wellness Strategies
  • Career Wellness Strategies
  • Mental Wellness Strategies
  • Emotional Wellness Strategies
  • Wellness Assessment
  • Wellness Improvement Plans
Get World Class Training

Over the past 17 years we have trained and certified world class coaches in leadership, life, and wellness coaching strategies. We are always adding new content.

Learn from our newly added diversity coaching modules.

Make Life Long Friends

Become part of a safe, welcoming and caring, learning  community with amazing support. Learn in an atmosphere that allows you to form lifelong friendships that empower you to excel.

Become a Skilled Coach

Maximize your pace of learning with smaller classes, led by Master Certified Coaches. Receive immediate feedback on your coaching so you can develop exceptional coaching skills fast.

Get world class coach training here. 

This program is an ICF approved program that offers you internationally recognized coaching competencies and everything you need to pursue ICF accreditation.

Here are ways to fund your learning

Wondering how to finance your trainings with us? We are a certified Canadian learning institution so learners in our programs qualify for both Retrain Manitoba and the Canada Manitoba Job Grant. Apply directly with any of those funding bodies to offset the cost of your training with us.