Wellness Gatherings Build Thriving Communities

Wellness Gatherings Build Thriving Communities

wellness gatherings

Do you have friends and family whom you would like to help live longer and healthier?

Summer is a great time to eat healthy, set wellness goals and even start a workout plan. The challenge most of us face is in persuading loved ones to join the healthy band wagon.

This summer we are sending out wellness facilitators to host wellness conversations and gatherings in homes, parks, backyards and wherever people gather. We believe that each of us play a part in developing a thriving community.

Ask yourself is there is someone you know and love whose wellness you would like to help develop? If so, consider hosting your own wellness gatherings hosted by one of our certified wellness facilitators. This will make you instrumental in helping those you know and love living longer and happier lives.

Wellness gatherings bring people together to learn about ways they can improve their wellness but also to discover where they may be leaking vital energy from their life and how they can release more positive energy into their work and life.

Attendees go through the nine dimensional wellness improvement system model and discover ways to take charge of their wellness.

Wellness gatherings are informal sessions done in homes and wellness conversations larger formal groups settings done at churches, workplaces and other formal venues.

Looking to have your own wellness conversation this month? Click here to book your session today.

To your wellness,

Joyce Odidison

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