The Wellness Competency Mindset Teacher Facilitation Program

Learn to Facilitate WIS® Method For Organizations, Groups, Churches and Teams.

Are you prepared to help groups and organizations design well-being strategies to address the social, health and wellness challenges of this decade?

Upgrade Your Career With The Wellness Competency Teaching Concept



Learn to host powerful Wellness Conversations about:


  • Mass Resignations
  • High Turnover
  • Increase Mental Health and Burnout

Understand the Integrated Whole System Approach to Wellness Necessary to Transform Behaviours.

Learn Key Foundations of The Wellness Improvement System

Explore current trends in:


  • The neuroscience of Wellness improvement
  • The foundations, scope, uses and functions of wellness improvement
  • Understand the systems nature of our well-being
  • Learn key perspectives, theory, and strategies to promote wellness at work, in teams, and groups.

The Wellness Facilitator Training provides you with the comprehensive understanding of the complete system wellness assessment. You will  also learn to provide employees and clients with:


  • Wellness Profile Analysis
  • Wellness Conversations for groups
  • Wellness Audits and Surveys
  • Emotional Wellness Strategies
  • Mental Wellness

Learn to Facilitate The WIS® Wellness Assessment

The Program

The Wellness Facilitator program consist of fifteen courses that expands across individual wellness facilitation, coaching and group facilitation.

Learn a full roadmap for designing and implementing your workplace wellness strategy successfully:


  • Apply the power of a wellness system framework
  • Learn the wellness roadmap and how to implement it at work
  • Develop and present your own understanding of the wellness system framework.
  • Share how a wellness system can be implemented in as little as 90 days

Next Training Date: October 1, 2021, Time:12noon to 2pm CDT

Course Name: Introduction to Wellness Competency Teaching program

Course Name: Introduction to Wellness Competency Teaching program

There has never been a better time to offer wellness inclusion as part of a workplace

wellness system. When done appropriately, wellness systems will empower, inspire, and motivate behaviour and lifestyle changes. This course will explore the following areas:

  • The neuroscience of Wellness improvement
  • The foundations, scope, uses and functions of wellness improvements system and WIS® theory
  • Key perspectives, strategies to frame your workplace wellness strategy.


Cost: $365.00 plus GST

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Get recertification credits in the following areas:

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Joyce Odidison - Program Designer

The has never been a time to build capacity of wellness internally.


When I created the WIS® Method many years ago to respond to the growing health challenges I was encountering with clients in workplaces, I had no idea I would live through a global pandemic and that this method would become so instrumental in teaching people how to practice a comprehensive whole person wellness at work.


We offer a proven program that has been researched, studied, and implemented and have trained hundreds of internal and external facilitators in the method.


Join us for the next class and get ready for the decade of wellness improvement.