The Groundbreaking Wellness Competency Mindset Teaching That Boosts Employee Participation.

Get high impact competency-based wellness Education topics, workshops, seminars curriculum design and summits to meet the diverse needs of employees.

Develop a Competency Driven Wellness Program to Boost Employee Participation! 

  • Explore the wellness competencies
  • Measure competency against your corporate values
  • Get new wellness training ideas
  • Connect all your wellness activities to competency
  • Align your performance reviews to wellness competencies
  • Rekindle employee interest in wellness programming

Add Impact, value and a way to measure your wellness program with competencies

Explore Wellness Competency

Discover new and interesting ways to apply wellness competencies at work to change employee mindset.

Create a Wellness System

Get competency-based program ideas for new curriculum and offering that will engage and motivate employees.

Get The Attention of Employees

Rekindle the interest of your employees with a new approach to wellness programming at your workplace.

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Hi, I'm Joyce odidison. I created the wellness competency system after working with organizations for decades to improve employee mindset and behaviours. 

If you have ever wondered if there was a better way to engage new employees or rekindle the interest of others in the wellness programming then you will love the wellness competency Guide.

It shows you that the easiest way to help employees engage and participate in wellness programming is to add competencies, something they already know, is familiar with and already are pursuing to improve on.

In this guide you will see that the wellness competencies are very related to the visions and values you already use in your corporation, which makes it an easy bridging process.

There has never been an easier way to simplify and systematize your wellness program than with competencies. Get the guide to learn more.

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