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August 24, 2012

This fall, we are beginning a wellness revolution in the corporate world. We are no longer prepared to remain quiet about your wellness; it is too important. This is why we are inviting ourselves into your workplaces to hold wellness conversations. Do you have problems attracting and maintaining good interpersonal relationships? Are you wondering if something is wrong with you? I wager you don’t know your wellness capacity. This is how much wellness you have and can contribute to your business and life relationships. I believe that there are 8 levels of wellness that one can attain in each of life dimensions, however, if we don’t pay attention to our wellness capacity, it may be running on empty and we may be sharing empty fumes with those we work, live and do business with.

In our wellness conversations, we help you to identify your wellness capacity, which is the same as your Interpersonal Wellness Quotient (IWQ) this helps us determine what you are able to contribute to your relationships. I believe that wellness is the path to amazing health and vitality that will impact the way we experience our interpersonal relationships and maximize our influence, success and abundance in business and life.

Our wellness conversations will help you to make the connection between your personal wellness and your relationship wellness. It will also help to map out your interpersonal wellness life plan profile to be executed  independently or with assistance from a coach.

If you want to begin a wellness revolution in your workplace, give us a call to get you started early. You can learn more about the wellness revolution here…

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