Wellness Competency Curriculum Licensing

Want to improve well-being intelligence in your workplace?

Learn about the wellness competency curriculum and how you can become a licensed facilitator of the wellness competency curriculum in your own coaching practice or in your workplace.

Prepare yourself to help workplaces and professional navigate the wellness crisis with high impact wellness competency training that will promote well-being intelligence.

Learn the Multi-Dimensional Approach

Based on the whole-person perspective of the nine-dimensional wellness improvement system, WIS® Method offers employees a clear framework, the curriculum equips you with the tools to address the core issues of well-being intelligence in the workplace and life.

Core Benefits

  • An annual curriculum calendar that offers you the tools to coach and train clients to build well-being intelligence 
  • Gain the structure, applications, textbook, and framework to equip clients inside and outside organizations
  • Become specialized as a wellness competency facilitator, coach, or trainer in your organization or working with clients.


Learn the Personal Wellness Enhancement Plan.

Learn how one's personal wellness can impact the way they show up at work, and overall productivity.

Provide wellness competency assessments.

Learn to facilitate wellness competency sessions to improve well-being intelligence.

Gain cutting edge tools that have been proven to change wellness mindset and attitudes.

Get mentorship on developing your well-being intelligence toolkit