Welcome to the Physical Wellness Assessment. Your ability to attain physical wellness is a goal that most people set for themselves. No one should think they do not deserve to be well. Your body is the suite case in which your life resides. It is the representation of you and all that is going on inside you. Being physically well means that you have developed your wellness and you are well on your way to living optimally.

Physical Wellness Dimension

As you assess this dimension, you will be prompted to reflect on the following questions:

  • How do I care for my body?
  • How motivated am I to care for my body?
  • How attentive am I to what I eat, when and why?
  • How well is my body?
  • What addictions and bad habits am I harboring?
  • How well am I managing my weight, self-care to stave off chronic disease?
  • How committed am I to maintaining my stamina and appearance?
Don’t wait for your doctor to have all the answers; read up on your condition and go to your appointments with questions. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions – it’s your body. Your appearance and the way you present yourself will also have an impact on your vibrancy level, so take care to present yourself well so that others may get to know the real you.


To be vibrant is to be enthusiastic, energetic, active and excited. Many of us have sedentary jobs and we go home at night to sit in front of a television. Do you know that if you continually sit still for a long period of time it decreases your life span? To be vibrant, we need to be self-motivated and we need to have good stamina and stay active. This comes from eating well and caring for our bodies. We should also be wary of harmful, compulsive and addictive habits that can ruin our stamina and health. If you suffer from a disease or ailment, take the necessary steps to manage it well.

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