Interpersonal Wellness Assessment

Welcome to the Interpersonal Wellness Assessment. This is where you will examine your interactions in your relationship with yourself and with others. It is where you will examine the alignment of your value, purpose and connect with the quality of your engagement with self and others.

Interpersonal Wellness Dimension

As you assess this dimension, you will be prompted to reflect on the following questions:

  • How purposeful am I about my engagement with others?
  • How am I experiencing my relationships with others?
  • How well do I understand, negotiate and collaborate with others?
  • How well do I practice self-empowerment and forgiveness in my relationships?
  • How well are my relationships?
  • How well do I manage my relationships and interactions with others?

Purposeful Engagement

To engage purposefully is to make a conscious intention to interact with another. It is being intentional in our actions and feelings about others. It begins with us truly understanding our own relationship with self and then relating that to how we want to engage with and experience others in our lives.