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Emotional WELL-BEING Score

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Attaining Well-being

The dimensions of well-being intelligence offer a mirror to your life choices, illuminating paths to a life that is not only happy and healthy but also fulfilling and contented. Recognizing that true happiness stems from a harmonious relationship with oneself. These dimensions underscore the importance of self-love and acceptance. It is through acknowledging and nurturing your unique gifts that you can genuinely extend love to others.

These facets of well-being – spiritual, social, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, financial, physical, and interpersonal – are universal threads weaving through the fabric of our lives. They collectively shape our journey towards becoming happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser. Of these, the spiritual dimension, often overlooked, is the cornerstone. It governs our thoughts and radiates our inner spiritual essence, forming the bedrock of our existence.

Your Dimensional Results

Below are your wellness scores in the dimensions you assess. This reflects how you score each key life area in each wellness dimension.

Wellness Score

Wellness Level

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile Analysis


Level 1

Wellness Deficit

Extremely High Opportunity for Improvement


Level 2

Disrupted Wellness

High Opportunity


Level 3

Diminishing Wellness

Fairly High Opportunity


Level 4

Borderline Wellness

Moderately high opportunity for Improvement


Level 5

Moderate Wellness

Moderate Opportunity for Improvement


Level 6

Achieved Wellness

Low Opportunity for Improvement


Level 7

Success Wellness

Excellent Commitment to Wellness


Level 8

Optimal Wellness

Optimal Wellness Alignment Attained

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